Beaded Toe Rings

With all these rings to choose from, fashion a toe ring to coordinate with any outfit.
Beads-All-Around Toe Ring

What You Need:

Tickle Your Toes Feeling playful or playful? Create
rings to match your moods.

  • Piece of clear elastic cord
  • Approximately 30 black glass seed beads
  • 1 rose crystal bead
  • Strong glue, such as E6000
  • Toothpick


1. Thread enough seed beads on elastic to fit around the top section of your toe.

2. Slide on the crystal bead.

3. Make a square knot by folding the elastic right over left and left over right.

4. Dab the end with a small touch of glue using a toothpick. Trim off the excess elastic and hide the knot in a bead.

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