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Popular in Decorating

Beaded Ankle Bracelets

Apply a fresh coat of nail polish and show off your dainty foot jewelry!

What You Need:

Pick contrasting colors for the candy cane bead and leather lacing.
  • 2 sterling silver crimp beads for leather
  • Crimping tool
  • 1--12-inch piece of round purple leather lacing
  • 1 medium sterling silver spring ring
  • 2--3 mm sterling silver crimp beads
  • 2--8 mm round sterling silver beads
  • 1--8 mm lime green candy cane glass bead
  • 1 medium sterling silver split ring


1. Flatten the leather crimp bead firmly on one end of the lacing. Attach the spring ring.

2. Thread 3 mm crimp bead, 8 mm round sterling silver bead, candy cane bead, 8 mm round sterling silver bead, and 3 mm crimp bead. Position candy cane bead in center of lacing. Flatten crimp beads on each side of silver beads.

3. Attach the leather crimp bead on other end; flatten firmly. Attach the split ring to the square part of the flattened crimp bead.

What You Need:

Your friends will love this.
  • 1--12-inch piece of .019-inch-diameter beading wire
  • 1 sterling silver spring ring clasp and jump ring
  • 32--4 mm liquid sterling silver tubes
  • 72 light purple seed beads
  • 8 small peridot stone beads; 1 purple E bead
  • Wire cutters
  • 2--2 mm sterling silver crimp beads


1. Thread wire through a crimp bead, clasp, and back through bead; flatten crimp bead.

2. String beads in the following repeating order: 1 silver tube 3 seed beads 1 silver tube 3 seed beads 1 silver tube 3 seed beads 1 silver tube 1 peridot stone bead Repeat for half the distance of the bracelet. String 1 peridot bead, 1 E bead, and 1 peridot bead. Repeat the first pattern.

3. Thread a crimp bead on end. Pass wire through jump ring and back through crimp bead in opposite direction; flatten. Trim the excess wire.

What You Need:

This pretty foot accessory will liven up any outfit.
  • 9--2.5 mm round sterling silver beads
  • 2--Bali sterling silver shells
  • Wire cutters
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • 2--4 mm square orange glass beads
  • 2--4 mm diamond-shape orange crystal beads
  • 1--6 mm diamond-shape orange crystal bead
  • 1--8 mm disk-shape orange crystal bead
  • 5 sterling silver headpins
  • 1--8-inch fine sterling silver chain
  • 1--sterling silver spring ring clasp and jump ring


1. Place beads on two headpins as follows: 1--2.5 mm round sterling silver bead 1 Bali sterling silver shell 1--2.5 mm round sterling silver bead Clip headpin to 3/8 inch and bend at a 90-degree angle. Curve end into a loop using pliers. Leave an open space, attach to bracelet, and close.

2. For next headpin thread beads as follows: 1--2.5 mm round sterling silver bead 1--4 mm square orange glass bead 1--4 mm orange crystal bead 1--2.5 mm round silver bead

3. Fill two more headpins, adding the remaining beads as you wish.

4. Attach the beaded headpins to the bracelet, alternating orange and silver.

5. Attach a clasp to one end of chain and a jump ring to the other.


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