Afternoon Tea Invitation

This quilt-themed invitation reads: "It's been 'sew' long since I spent time with my friends."

What You Need:

Afternoon Tea Party This teatime invitation is 'sew'

  • Black, off-white and black-and-white striped papers
  • Bellochio sewing-motif paper
  • Straight-edge scissors and Family Treasures deckle-edge scissors
  • Adhesive
  • 5 inches of 5/16-inch-wide cotton Bellochio binding tape
  • 1-inch diameter button


1. Layer the swatches of paper using adhesive. Use the black paper as the base.

2. "Tack" the papers in the left corner with a piece of binding tape and a button.

3. Use stitched-look lettering to write: "It has been 'Sew' long since I have spent time with my friends, I'd like to 'piece' together an Afternoon Tea. Don't leave me in stitches."

Buying Guide:

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