6 New Projects from Simply Creative Crochet

Crochet one or all of these adorable gifts for a special child in your life.
6 Projects

Giant Panda It may look difficult to make, but you can crochet, stuff, and assemble this 18-inch-tall bear as you work.


Circus Elephant It's only 8 inches tall, but you'll be surprised at the impact this small elephant makes.


Car Seat Blanket, Bonnet & Booties It's hard to know what to give a new mom and baby, but here's a great idea (or three).


Cozy Baby Blanket Crochet alternating strips of alternating squares for this cozy chenille-like blanket that will easily become baby's favorite blankie.


Floral Dress This darling yellow dress has a handful of pastel blossoms sewn randomly to it.


Welcome Home Baby Set A cardigan sweater with a matching blanket makes a great gift for a new baby.

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