BHG Photo Faves Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the BHG Photo Faves Frequently Asked Questions.

What is BHG Photo Faves?

BHG Photo Faves is a free site that runs weekly photo contests. There are multiple categories of contests, and each time you upload a photo to one of our photo contest categories on, your photo will be added to our weekly contest. When your photo is entered we send you an email that you can forward on to friends and family. Photos are ranked by the number of votes they get, so pass the email you receive to as many people as possible and tell them to click on the "Vote For Me" button under the photo to vote. Then, share the photo to Facebook to get even more people involved!

After the week of voting is over, we'll send out a certificate to the winning photo.

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How did my photo end up here?

For the Gardening, Rooms and Pets photo categories, the photos are brought in from the previous weeks uploads at;; and

What do I do with the email I received?

You should be forwarding the email you receive to your friends and family to vote. The link in the email will be the correct link to find your photo all week long.

Is there a cost associated with my photo being in BHG Photo Faves?

There is no cost associated with your photo being in BHG Photo Faves.

How do I get to my photo?

You should be able to view your photo through the email that was sent to you.

This will include a direct link to the photo, as well as a URL that you can copy/paste. The email is easily forwarded to family and friends to vote too!

I can't find the vote button.

The vote button can be found directly below the image, in between the previous and next buttons. Currently, the text is: "Vote For Me." After clicking on this button, you'll see an overlay saying "Thank You for your vote."

How do I vote?

Click on the "Vote For Me" button once. The "Vote For Me" button is found directly below each image.

How do I know what place my photo is in?

You'll know the place your photo is in by viewing the ranking. The ranking is found above the photo starting on Tuesday of the week. The ranking is decided on by the number of votes each photo receives. Votes are counted nightly. Starting Wednesday of each week, you'll see the ranking for each photo as of "today" and "yesterday."

Could you explain what current place # and Yesterday # mean?

Current place means the photo's current ranking with all others in that category, based on the number of votes they got from the previous day. Yesterday's # is the ranking of the same photo from yesterday.

How many winners are there?

There is one winner for each category every week.

What does the winner get?

The weekly winner of Photo Faves will win a signed certificate from the Editor in Chief of Better Homes and Gardens! If your photo is chosen as the winner, this certificate will be emailed out the following week.

How long can I vote on my photo?

The voting for the weekly winner runs until the following Sunday night at 11:59 PM CST.

How do I share my photo to Facebook?

After you click "Vote For Me" under the photo you wish to send a vote for, you'll see a white overlay show up on top of the photo. On this overlay, you'll see a blue Facebook button. If you click this button, you'll be given the opportunity to log in to Facebook and share the photo with all your Facebook friends.

I want my photo removed from this site.

Please send an email to In the email, please include the link to your photo on Please tell us why you want it removed.

How do I enter my photo into BHG Photo Faves?

To enter your photo into BHG Photo Faves, please upload a photo to one of the following photo galleries.

Click here to enter a photo in Gardening

Click here to enter a photo in Rooms

Click here to enter a photo in Pets

Can I change my photo?

You are not able to change the photo once it is in BHG Photo Faves.

What role do Facebook Likes have in the ranking of my photo?

Facebook Likes currently do not play any role in the ranking of your photo in our weekly contests. Please go here to find out how to cast a vote.

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