Wreaths for a Holiday Door

Say "welcome" to guests by hanging one of these beautiful holiday wreaths on your front door.

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Happy Holidays Pine Wreath
Carry Through a Theme

    Green, red, and gold are the colors of this holiday doorway. An unusual oval wreath greets visitors while elegant topiary trees flank the columns.

Add Your Style

    Evergreen wreaths sold at home centers and grocery stores make a great backdrop for your own holiday decorations. Add any color bow then wire on ornaments, berries, or pinecones to fit your holiday style.

Treat Yourself to a Theme

    Silver snowflakes and stars create a wonderland look for a green wreath. Floral sprays add additional interest and eliminate the need for a bow.

Cedar and Red

    A fresh cedar wreath gets a shot of texture with branches and berries. Top it off with a length of wide red ribbon.

Golden Cones

    Most craft stores sell pinecones that are prewired for use in holiday decorations. Look for a size to fit your wreath. Wire them on in a circular direction, then garnish with twigs and berries.

One Great Bow

    Dress up the plainest of wreaths with even one great bow and you'll make a terrific holiday statement for your door.

Green Gourds

    Give a twist to a country-style wreath by wiring on decorations of green and cream. Gourds (either fresh or artificial) have a harvest theme that's appropriate from November all the way through December.

Squarely Styled

    A rectangular wreath is a new take on the traditional circular shape. Fruit makes a colorful decoration, though fresh fruit will last only a week at most. Try hot-gluing artificial fruit or beaded fruit onto the form for a long-lasting wreath.

Berry Bright

    An artificial berry wreath is softened by inserting sprigs of fresh lemon and other leaves. After the holidays, the leaves can be removed and the wreath stored for the following year.

Green Apple Creation

    Three circles of green apples (about 50) were wired onto a sturdy wire wreath form and garnished with cedar branches. This look could easily be created in a smaller form with lightweight artificial fruits.

The Cutting Edge

    Bargain cookie cutters can be hot-glued together to form an interesting wreath for a vintage kitchen door. Arrange them inside of a circle drawn on paper to the size you desire. The cutters could be wired together if they are to be used later (tighten wire with pliers if necessary).

Hooray for One

    Shiny green leaves get a focal point from one green gourd and its twisted and curled stem.

Holly Jolly

    Though prickly, holly wreaths make a definite holiday statement. Artificial berry clusters were added to this one since the real berries tend to dry and drop off.

Just Green

    Florists often make custom wreaths from a variety of greens. This adds texture and visual interest. Get this look on a budget by inserting various leaves and pine cuttings into a premade wreath. Wire these in if necessary.

Snowflake Swag

    Doll up your doorway with an easy-to-make swag created from six pine bough tips. Spray lightly with artificial snow.

Golden Ornaments

    Galyx leaves and gold ornaments mix in a happy collaboration on a rectangular wreath. The gold ribbon hanger repeats the color and its wide width adds style.

Holiday Greetings

    The letters that spell out "Happy Holidays" are twine-wrapped wooden cutouts; however, craft stores will have other options for your holiday message. Find more information about making this wreath in the link below.

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