Wreath with a Satin Cuff

Pine and Red Berry Wreath On White Door

This berry-laden wreath looks complex, but it's really quite easy. It starts with a florist's foam wreath form, cedar sprigs, and berries.

Though we've used fresh greenery, artificial greenery will create a longer-lasting wreath with no maintenance.

Note: For best results, when made with fresh greenery, this wreath should be hung in a protected area or indoors.

Find a list of materials and how-tos below.


  • Cedar
  • Holly foliage
  • Hypericum berries, twigs
  • Floral foam wreath (made of oasis -- for fresh flowers)
  • Sharp knife or clippers
  • Florist's wire
  • Smaller wreath made of grapevine or stems
  • Artificial "frosted" or beaded berries
  • Wide satin or grosgrain ribbon


Pine and Red Berry Wreath On White Door

  1. Submerge the foam wreath form into water and let soak thoroughly. To enhance water retention, insert a small knife, twisting slightly to create small butterfly-shaped marks into the foam. Make these cuts 3 or 4 inches apart all over the wreath. (These small holes will help funnel water into the center of the foam.)
  2. Using a sharp knife or garden clippers, cut up greenery into small, 4- to 6-inch sprigs. Insert greenery all over to cover the form completely. Tip: Working with one type of material at a time will help evenly distribute each variety.
  3. Next, cut the berries so stems are about 3 inches long and insert into the foam.
  4. Decorate the smaller vine wreath with artificial beaded berries and twigs, wiring or gluing these on as needed.
  5. Attach the smaller wreath into the center of the evergreen wreath, wiring it to the larger wreath in at least three places.
  6. Tie a length of wide ribbon around the top of the wreath, making a square knot at the top. Clip the ends into a wide V-shape.
  7. Tip: Misting daily will help keep the foam damp and the wreath fresh. However, water may spot ribbon.