Pretty Christmas Wreaths

Deck the halls with these gorgeous winter wreaths that will bring holiday cheer to your Christmas decor.

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Pinecone Wreath with Cardinals
Pinecone Wreath with Cardinals and Ornaments

    This pinecone wreath will sparkle and pop with color after a few simple additions. To make, coat a store-bought pinecone wreath with gray spray paint. Spray with spray snow, then silver glitter, allowing drying time between coats. Arrange three cardinal figurines and nine round red ornaments among the pinecones, adhering with hot glue to keep them in place.

Circle of Snow Wreath

    This shimmering wreath mimics glistening snow. Cut three snowflake patterns in two sizes from stiff crafts felt. Randomly layer the snowflakes on a ready-made foam wreath and adhere with glue. Mist the wreath with spray glue and sprinkle on iridescent glitter.

Yarn-Ball Wreath

    This homespun wreath is simple and natural. Wrap foam balls in different sizes with off-white yarn. Cover each ball thoroughly, using a pushpin to secure the end of the yarn in place. Leave different lengths of yarn to hang the orbs in a layered fashion from the top of the wreath.

Ribbon-Wrapped Wreath

    A simple pine wreath gets a holiday update with some red ribbon. Wire sprigs of evergreen and red wheat to a purchased pine wreath. Then weave a bright red ribbon around the wreath to add a bold pop of color.

Small Paper-Scrap Wreath

    You don't need to be a savvy scrapbooker to make this festive doorknob wreath. Scraps of scrapbook paper or cardstock and a round die-cut machine are all you need. Simply cut around the patterns and designs on the paper and glue the circles together in a wreath shape. Add red pom-poms for a three-dimensional touch.

Seashore Wreath

    Combine shells and small starfish with holly berries for a seashore-theme wreath. Tie a tan bow on top for a sandy accent.

Cascading Wreath

    This wreath might look complicated, but it's as simple as tying a few knots. Buy three wreaths in different sizes. Tie the wreaths together with lengths of sturdy twine. Hang the three layered wreaths vertically; adjust the twine length to create a layered effect. Hang four kissing balls at different lengths in front of the wreaths using twine. Attach the twine to a wreath hook and tie a satin bow to hide the knots.

Lovely Lavender

    A rectangular wreath with a big lavender bow is neither too modern nor too traditional. The wreath is made of dried lavender sprigs, boxwood, cedar, and eucalyptus.

Metallic Christmas Wreath

    Turn a plain evergreen wreath into a sparkly pastel one by spraying the wreath with artificial snow. Wire icy-tone ornaments to the wreath for a crisp look.

Nature's Welcome

    Gather all the materials you need for this natural beauty on a brisk woodland walk. Cut pine needle clusters from branches, leaving short stems attached. Insert the stems into a 7-inch-diameter piece of florist's foam with the center of the wreath intact, working from the outside into the center. Glue pinecones, green walnuts, and small glass ornaments to the center.

Golden Feather Wreath

    A dressed-up purchased feather wreath adds holiday sophistication to an entryway or door. Spray-paint fir branches and pinecones gold. Apply tacky glue to the tips of the pinecones and sprinkle with gold glitter for extra sparkle. Hot-glue the pinecones and fir branches to the feather wreath for a beautiful decoration.

Get-Your-Greens Wreath

    Vegetables and fruits combine in an unexpected fashion to make an elegant green wreath. Gather a variety of green vegetables and fruits (we used Brussels sprouts, grapes, artichokes, limes, and asparagus). Arrange them on a foam wreath and attach with wire, long pins, and florist's picks. Fill in gaps by wiring on greenery and small ornaments. A velvety bow on top adds flair.

    Editor's Tip: This wreath is best displayed outdoors to keep the fruit fresh longer. If you want the wreath to last the season, use artificial fruit and vegetables.

Beautiful Rose Wreath

    A simple evergreen wreath gets a burst of beauty with lavish red roses and sparkling ornaments. Use floral wire to secure these to the wreath. Group the ornaments in clusters for impactful color. Twisting twigs tied with floral wire to the side makes this asymmetrical wreath a striking addition to your holiday decor.

Pom-Pom Wreath

    This wreath is festive and inexpensive. Make your own pom-poms from yarn scraps: Wind yarn around a credit card 25 times. Carefully remove the card, retaining the shape of the yarn. Tightly tie a separate piece of yarn around the center; trim the ends to the same length. You could also buy premade pom-poms from a crafts store. Make as many as needed to cover a foam wreath form. Hot-glue the pom-poms to the form for a look that'll bring cheer to any space in the house.

Vintage Sparkle Wreath

    Inexpensive pearls and faux jewels from the crafts store create a luxurious, vintage-looking wreath. Wrap a foam wreath with cream-color satin ribbon; pin in place to secure. Hot-glue or pin the jewelry onto the ribbon. Wind strands of pearls over the secured pieces of jewelry. Tie a satin bow to hang the wreath and garnish with more bling.

Bountiful Beauty

    This wreath overflows with gorgeous flowers and evergreens. Placing it on an otherwise plain mantel makes a bold statement in your holiday decorations.

    How to make it: Start with a simple grapevine wreath. Add greens, hydrangea blossoms, twigs, pods, pinecones, and even a pair of artificial bird nests. Tie in a gold satin ribbon for a touch of elegance.

Poinsettia Wreath

    Turn a simple evergreen wreath into a pretty embellishment by wiring a large pink poinsettia to it. Accent the floral focal point with pinecones and small twigs. A gold satin ribbon hangs the wreath with elegance.

Dried-Flower Wreath

    Give dried bouquets new life by fashioning them into a pretty wreath. Snip off the stems and gently glue the bases of the blooms to a grapevine wreath. Almost any dried flower will work (we used gardenias). Stick with one color for subtle style, or broaden the palette for a more dramatic look.

Pretty Pinecone Wreath

    This wreath adds subtle holiday color to any room. Hot-glue pinecones to a wreath form, starting at the outside and working around the wreath toward the center. Wire evergreen sprigs to the bottom of the wreath, and hot-glue a simple red bow to the bottom center for a simple touch.

Pinecone Star Wreath

    Make this stunning wreath from cardboard cut into a star shape. Hot-glue pinecones to cover the star, then tie a trio of ribbons into a generous bow, leaving long tails. Accent the bow with a cluster of berry sprigs.

Merry Medallion Wreath

    Transform a ceiling medallion into an ornate front door wreath that's sure to get noticed. Spray-paint the intricate hardware-store find with a coat of black paint and let dry. Top the medallion with a coat of your favorite shade of green, allowing some of the black to show through in the crevices. When dry, hang the wreath from a 3-inch-wide coordinating ribbon.

Nutcracker Wreath

    A wooden nutcracker and pair of drumsticks accent a dried wreath with classic Christmas charm. Choose a fellow with a drum in hand to carry the theme. The trims mount easily to a twig wreath using crafts wire. Add pinecones, acorns, and berries to continue the brown palette.

Square Wreaths

    Stand out this season by creating wreaths that mimic other shapes, such as this rectangular buffet. These boxwood wreaths are topped with dramatic red bows and decorated with small gold ornaments secured with floral wire.

Red Rose Wreath

    Use floral wire to secure 'Hocus Pocus' roses, in luscious red tinged with yellow, to a foam wreath form. Fill in holes by gluing fresh juniper to this fragrant wreath. Matte ornaments, glued to the wreath, provide a soft counterpoint to the bright green Lily Grass wound throughout.

Fresh and Festive Wreath

    Get the look of this bright and jolly wreath by decorating a premade grapevine wreath with miniature popcorn and husks, fresh orange kumquats, and green boxwood. Add a burgundy velvet ribbon for a special holiday touch.

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