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Traditional Evergreen Christmas Wreaths

These ideas will turn a plain pine wreath into a masterpiece!


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    • Snowy Pinecone Wreath

      Create this frosty pinecone wreath by spray-painting each pinecone completely white; let dry. Lightly spray an evergreen wreath with white paint, allowing some of the green needles to show through. Let dry. Use hot glue to adhere the painted pinecones to the front of the wreath. Add a red velvet bow for a splash of holiday color.

    • A Wreath with Presence

      Create a wreath that greets guests with presents. Embellish an evergreen ring with gift boxes dressed in holiday papers, and add to the joy with shiny ornaments and bows.

    • Nature's Door Welcome

      Long pine needle cuttings and outdoor finds combine to make this simply elegant wreath. The center of the wreath is filled with natural green walnuts, pistachios, green Christmas balls, and pretty pinecones.

    • Full-of-Color Wreath

      Combine the colors of Christmas in a cheerful wreath that showcases vintage lights and colorful accents.

    • Ornamental Outdoors

      This traditional wreath is complemented by the heavy garland and bright white flowers surrounding it. The dark, natural tones and elements of this wreath pop against the white door.

    • Natural Beauty

      This nature-inspired wreath glistens and glimmers with gold accents. Find pinecones, leaves, and berries that'll give your evergreen wreath an organic feel. Adorn with glittery ornaments and spray-paint a few berries and leaves gold. Finish with a gold-and-cream colored bow.

    • Snowflake Wreath

      Make your own sparkling snowflakes using fused fabric, and hang them on a wreath of greenery for all to enjoy.

    • Holly and Berry Wreath

      Display collectible ornaments on a narrow frame. Clip 3-inch-long pieces of various evergreens and wire them together in bunches of three. Wire the bunches to a purchased frame until it is covered. Add holly leaves and berries and artificial snowberries, wiring and gluing them in place. Wrap the wreath with loose loops of satin ribbon and hang the ornaments onto the wreath.

    • Holly-and-Ivy Wreath

      Hang Christmas cheer either inside or out with this decorative wreath.

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      Golden Cones

      Most crafts stores sell pinecones that are prewired for holiday decorations. Look for a size to fit your wreath. Wire them onto a wreath in a circular direction, then garnish with twigs and berries.

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      Roses and Pine

      Though this fresh wreath features a handful of gorgeous fresh roses, it also could be made from artificial blooms. Shiny satin ribbon loops add shimmer to this pretty decoration.

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      Red-and-White Wreath

      Hang this wreath anywhere -- it's as fresh as peppermint candy. Find out more in the project link below.

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      Snowflake Theme

      Silver snowflakes and star ornaments create a wonderland look for a green wreath. Floral sprays add additional interest and eliminate the need for a bow.

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      Seasonal Splendor

      This wreath brings together some classic Christmas symbols like pears, berries, evergreens, and plaid ribbon to beautifully decorate any space. The wreath is formed from bittersweet vine with found natural elements tucked into the vine. We found cedar, blue juniper, pine, deep green yew, and pears. Use wire or hot glue to keep everything in place.

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      Pineapple Wreath

      A plain evergreen wreath gets a shot of style with a fruit-and-feather theme. Pineapples, faux grape sprigs, burgundy ribbons, and peacock feathers create an interesting variation of texture that's set off with a lavender bow.

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      Starring Gold

      Gold holiday ornaments were attached in only one position on this wreath and in essence take the place of a bow. Around them, like shooting stars, sit swirls of metallic curling ribbon that can be wired in here and there.

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      Formal Entry

      Dark red grapes ring the inside of this evergreen wreath, giving it a simple formality that befits its foyer location. Find faux clusters of grapes at the hobby store. Use beading wire or floral wire to attach multiple clusters to the inner edge of a purchased real or faux evergreen wreath.

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      Just Green

      This wreath combines Japanese cedar, blue cypress, Lily-of-the-valley bush, shore pine, huckleberry, and noble fir. Get the same look on a budget by inserting various leaves and pine cuttings into a premade wreath. Wire these in if necessary.

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      This wreath combines Japanese cedar, blue cypress, Lily-of-the-valley bush, shore pine, huckleberry, and noble fir.

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