Happy Holidays Wreath Project

Greet your visitors with a special message embedded in a pretty green wreath.
Closeup of Happy Holidays Pine Wreath

This unusual oval wreath greets visitors even before they ring the doorbell.

The letters on this wreath are twine-wrapped wooden cutouts. However, craft stores may have other options for your holiday message.

Wreaths with these types of decorations may need to be kept out of direct weather so the colors won't fade or run. Therefore, it's best to place it under a covered entryway or porch, or use it inside.

Corded Letters

IMWreaths_Covering Wooden Letters With Cording

Wooden craft store letters can be painted any color, yet these get a creative makeover -- they're wrapped with silky twine secured with dabs of hot glue. The twine also conceals the wire used to attach the letters to the wreath.

Attaching the Message

IMWreaths_Placing Letters On The Happy Holidays Wreath A bead of hot glue on the back
of each letter will help hold
the silk cord.

Wires were wrapped around the center of each letter before the cording was attached.

Leave about 12 inches of wire so it can be threaded through the wreath and bent around the back to hold the letter securely in place.

Hang on the Door

Happy Holidays Pine Wreath

Green, red, and gold are the colors of this holiday doorway. Elegant topiary trees flank the columns and are decorated with beautiful red bows.