Cookie Cutter Wreath

Playful cookie cutters make up this easy-to-make wreath.

What You Need:

Cookie Cutter Wreath It's simple to take apart this
wreath whenever you want to bake
Christmas cookies.

  • Approximately 30 metal cookie cutters
  • Tacky wax
  • Small paper clips
  • 3 yards of 1-inch-wide red-and-white check ribbon
  • Scissors


1. On a flat work surface, arrange the cookie cutters in a circle. Make sure all of the cutters have contact points.

2. Secure the contact points with tacky wax and small paper clips. This temporary adhesion will allow you to disassemble the wreath and keep your cutters for cookie making. Turn the wreath shape over.

3. Tie a ribbon bow. Paper-clip it to the wreath top. Trim the ribbon ends.