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Tips for Prettier Christmas Trees

Want a designer look for your holiday tree? Browse our best tips for better Christmas tree decor that you can easily do yourself!


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    • Tip #1: Make It Sparkle

      Glittering garlands, sparkling ornaments, and light-catching baubles create a tree worthy of center stage. By keeping the colors of the trimmings contained to gold, white, and clear, your tree will look fancy and still be easy to decorate.

    • Tip #2: Small Is Mighty

      Small, festive flourishes throughout the house can create an undercurrent of holiday that will add cheer to your everyday. Place a sapling (or a branch trimmed from the base of your tree) in a vintage urn and water as needed for simple Christmas elegance.

    • Tip #3: Nod to Nature

      More is more on this nature-inspired tree, where oversize pinecones, red berries, branches, and jute combine to make an elegant holiday statement. Enhance the look with clear string lights and presents wrapped in classic kraft paper with crisp red ribbons.

    • Tip #4: Think Overscale

      Try this technique that most home decorators miss: Use overscale ornaments. The large silver balls and stars have a huge impact, and you won't need as many (about a dozen for an average-size tree) as you would with regular-size ones. Bonus: The overall effect is stunning.

    • Tip #5: Stick with a Theme

      A large white butterfly clues friends and family in to the leafy garden theme of this tree. Green dragonflies and a selection of artificial leaf sprays add to the theme, while green ornaments and glittered netting enhance the look. Even the tree skirt has a festive embellishment of floral sprays.

    • Tip #6: Glam It Up

      Crystals add sparkle and shine to any tree. Because they are clear and will catch the light, place them near string lights and mix them in with more colorful items for the best overall effect.

    • Tip #7: Personalize It

      Add the names of family and friends to purchased chalkboard labels, and press them into place on painted ornaments to add a personal touch to the tree. The bold black color pairs well with metallic golds and sparkling whites to give your tree a designer look.

    • Tip #8: Think Fancy Forest

      Break-resistant ball ornaments, soft feathered friends, and ribbons remniscent of birch bark create a stunning tree that also happens to be kid-friendly. Keeping the colors of the ornaments and trimmings neutral creates an elegant look that's right at home in even the busiest part of the house.

    • Tip #9: Remember to Repeat

      Repeat one type of ornament so it creates a color, shape, or theme through a tree. These red decorations help unite the other one-of-a-kind ornaments. We recommend buying two to four dozen of a main theme element (like these red balls). Various sizes, shapes, or finishes of such an element will add even more flair.

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      Tip #10: Nature Sings

      Natural elements add an earthy quality to holiday decorating and are an inexpensive addition to a tree. Try wiring on pinecones (large or small), leaf sprays (dried, preserved, or silk), leafy garlands, or branches of berries for a wonderfully rustic and elegant look.

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      Tip #11: Color Your World

      Designers create trees using colors and themes that relate to the room where the tree is displayed. Repeat your room's hues and motifs using ribbons, wrapping paper, garlands, and ornaments to harmonize with or complement what you already have.

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      Tip #12: Fill In with Floral Sprays

      Fill gaps between branches with floral fillers such as silk flower sprays, leaf bunches, or a DIY nosegay as shown here. We used a base of artificial leaves, silver berries, and green ornaments, then wired and tied it with sheer ribbon. Plan to make at least 24 of these decorations for an 8-foot tree.

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      Tip #13: Vary the Size

      Ornaments in one color and style get a designer look by varying the sizes (small, medium, and large) and by choosing a unique matte-luster finish rather than a standard shiny gloss. Slim ribbon garlands criss-cross horizontally across the tree while dozens of glass icicles add a vertical element.

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      Tip #14: Make It Monochromatic

      Do you love one color? Go for it with a monochromatic tree. One-color trees work their magic with shape and texture. Just be sure to vary the size of the decorations as well as mix up shiny and matte finishes for maximum impact.

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      Tip #15: Factor in Flowers

      Silk flowers are a lovely way to add a softer texture to a tree. Choose large blooms or add sprays of smaller blooms nestled into branches. Or wire a silk flower to a handful of artificial leaves or wheat for a surprising decoration that's a pure designer touch.

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