A Midwestern Christmas

Midwest Living magazine decorated their Christmas tree with orange silk roses, wheat, and golden lights.

Designed to match the wreath in the 2004 Christmas issue of Midwest Living magazine, this tree is accented with orange silk roses, pinecones, and bundles of wheat. Sparkling gold lights add a warm, comforting feeling to the home. The theme is "Bounty of the Midwest," with the goal to showcase the gems of the earth.

Carol Schalla, Home Editor of Midwest Living magazine, suggests coordinating your tree with the colors and interior design of your home. You don't always have to use "Christmas specific" themes or elements. Glean your inspiration from nature, and consider mixing casual decorations with more elegant ones.

You can use nontraditional Christmas colors and materials to bring the outdoors in. Use natural and dried materials such as pods, flowers, and intertwined wheat, and cast a warm glow with sparkling accents.

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