Stockings: Stuffed with Style

Sock it to 'em this year with stockings made from novel materials, done up in creative shapes, and packed with coordinated gifts. Matching the stocking to a gift-giving theme makes it all the more fun for both you and your loved ones.
Gardener Stocking

When you get down to it, a stocking is little more than a gift container. Use it for a variety of holiday packages. Here, a trio of cardboard stockings takes the place of gift bags or wrapped packages. Fill the stockings with earthy delights, such as gardening tools and seeds to start next spring's garden.

What You'll Need:

  • two pieces of corrugated or embossed cardboard large enough for the stocking you want to create
  • leather boot laces
  • hole punch
  • plant marker (optional)



1. Cut simple stocking shapes from corrugated and embossed cardboard found at art supply stores.

2. Punch holes all around and lace two stockings together with leather strips or boot laces.

3. A plant marker makes a gift tag that you can use again and again.

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