Easy Handmade Christmas Stockings

Add a personal touch to your holiday decor with Christmas stockings you create yourself. From no-sew to a little embroidery, we'll help you hang a stocking that Santa can't wait to fill.

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    Easy Fabric Stockings

    Fashion these cute and comforting stockings from patterned fabric and upholstery webbing. Fold 1/2 yard of red, white, or patterned fabric in half, right sides together. Trace a stocking shape onto the fabric and cut out two shapes. With right sides together, sew around the stocking shape with a running stitch, leaving the top open. Turn the top edge inside and hem, then turn the stocking inside out. Pin upholstery webbing around the top of the stocking and stitch in place. Create a loop with ribbon or lace and tack in place with a stitch at the top. Add a bow or trim around the top with a strip of lace or ribbon and secure with a running stitch or whipstitch.

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    Snowflake Felt Stocking

    This pretty snowflake stocking will add a bright and cheery decoration to your Christmas mantel. Using the stocking pattern, cut a stocking front and back from white felt. Find copyright-free snowflake patterns (we got ours from clipart.com) and print them onto the dull sides of 5x7-inch sheets of freezer paper. Using a dry iron on medium heat, press the freezer paper snowflakes, shiny sides down, on desired colors of felt scraps. Cut out the shapes and carefully peel off freezer paper. Arrange the snowflakes on the stocking front; adhere with quick-setting gel glue.

    Glue a 3/4x46-inch turquoise blue strip to the wrong side of the stocking front, starting and stopping at the top edge and letting strip extend about 3/8-inch beyond stocking edges as trim. Glue the back to the front, leaving open at the top. Cut along the blue trim with pinking shears. Cut a 1x10-inch strip for a hanging loop from white felt and fold in half, gluing the ends on the inside of the stocking back.

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    Striped Felt Stocking

    Mix and match different colors of felt to make this striped stocking. Using the stocking pattern, cut a stocking front and back from turquoise blue felt and a heel and toe from lime-green felt. Following the snowflake stocking instructions, make two felt snowflakes, cutting one in half. Cut scraps of wool felt into various size strips to fit stocking front, trimming some with pinking shears. Cut two 3/8x8-inch strips from brown felt to outline the heel and toe. Adhere the felt strips to the stocking with gel glue, gluing the snowflake shapes on a wide white strip. Glue the heel and toe shapes onto the stocking front, along with the brown trim. Assemble and finish stocking as directed on Slide 1.

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    Circle Felt Stocking

    Mimic bright Christmas ornament shapes on your handmade stocking with this fun felt design. Using the stocking pattern, cut a stocking front and back from white felt. Prepare the circle and star patterns and cut the felt following the instructions for the snowflake stocking, cutting out some circles with pinking shears. Glue circles and starbursts to the stocking front with gel glue. Assemble and finish stocking as directed on Slide 1.

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    Flowered Felt Stocking

    Add a modern twist to a traditional red stocking with bright blue buttons and blooms.

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    Stitched Elf Stockings

    This year, recruit elves to decorate your stockings instead of fill them -- the impish embroidered designs can be stitched in a weekend.

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    Shimmering-Star Wool Stockings

    Adorn homemade wool stockings with easy-to-make trims -- mismatched buttons and cardboard stars covered in German glass glitter give these classic stockings a perfect vintage feel. Hang with a cream-color ribbon tied in a bow, stitched to the top left corner of the soft wool stocking.

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    Tinsel Tree Stocking

    Adorn a purchased or handmade stocking with a green-and-blue tinsel tree for a unique and colorful look at Christmas. Remove the metal loops on the backsides of blue fabric buttons. Place the buttons face up on a protected surface and spray the top and edges with adhesive. Roll them in glitter; let dry. For the tree trunk and branches, cut lengths of tinsel garland to fit the stocking shape and stitch in place; stitch six small blue ornaments in place on the tinsel branches. Glue glitter-covered buttons onto the stocking cuff, and stitch a loop of garland on the cuff for hanging.

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    Glittery Monogram Stocking

    Personalize a plain stocking with a sparkling monogram in just a few minutes. Thread tiny silver beads onto thin wire, shaping the wire to form an initial. Secure the letter to the stocking with a few stitches.

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    Tailored Design Stockings

    Textural fabrics and neatly-tailored cuffs make smart impressions on this handsome holiday pair. Stitch one stocking in houndstooth wool with a burlap cuff and the other in a rose print with a herringbone cuff.

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    Cozy Sweater Stocking

    Warm and wooly is perfect for cold winter nights. These stockings, made from comfy sweaters, are what make this cozy mantel so inviting.

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    Cable-Knit Stocking

    Simple felt trim adds festive color to an old sweater on this cozy stocking. Add a poinsettia pin or another seasonal embellishment for cheery holiday decor.

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    Swirled Knit Stocking

    Designed for an experienced knitter, this stocking makes a beautiful addition to a Christmas mantel.

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    Sensational No-Sew Stockings

    Transform ready-made felt stockings from dull to dazzling by gluing on glittery sequins, pom-poms, fringe, fabric yo-yos, or rhinestone pins.

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    Stitched Stocking

    Embellish a white felt stocking with red embroidery floss in a neat row of "X"s. Take it up a notch by stitching your little one's name on the cuff.

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    Candy Swirl Stockings

    Sew a pair of sweet stockings using bright red, green, and white felt embellished with color-coordinated cording.

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    Sock Stockings

    Dress up store-bought stockings with antique lace, green-felt leaves, a trio of berrylike beads, and simple stitching.

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