Treasured Trio

Whether beaded, star-studded, or beribboned, these stockings are sure to add flair to your family's celebrations. Minimal sewing is required for these projects; simple trims make them easy to personalize.
Ribbon Stocking

Sheer and satin ribbons weave together easily and yield a lot of style. Tiny gold beads tacked at the intersections hold all the pieces together. Finished size is approximately 18 inches.

What You Need:

Wrap up Christmas with ribbons

  • 10 yards assorted satin and sheer red ribbons in 1- to 1-1/2-inch widths
  • Ribbon for hanger
  • 2 yards 1- to 1-1/2-inch-wide ribbon for cuff, cut into 8-inch lengths
  • 45-inch-wide fabric in the following amounts: 1/2 yard muslin for front, 3/4 yard red for lining and back, 1/2 yard fusible fleece
  • Fabric-basting glue stick
  • 1 package 2 mm gold beads


1. Download the free pattern. (Downloading requires Adobe Acrobat software.) Enlarge the pattern to scale by drawing a grid of 1-inch squares and copying the lines, square by square, from the pattern. Or enlarge it on a photocopier (this will require several passes). If desired, draw toe curling upward and square off heel as shown in photo.


2. Prepare fabric. Fuse fleece to the wrong side of the muslin. Transfer the pattern to the muslin, including diagonal placement lines. Do not cut out. Cut out one back piece and two lining pieces, adding 1/2-inch seam allowances. Set aside.

3. Add ribbon to uncut front. Apply glue stick to the outside edge of the muslin front. Lay ribbon along one diagonal line and press into glue outline. Repeat, butting second ribbon to first. Continue aligning ribbons until the front is covered in one direction. Using the remaining diagonal line as a guide, weave a ribbon through the stocking front. Apply glue to the edge as needed. Keep weaving and aligning ribbons until entire front is covered.

4. Baste ribbon in place and add beads. Hand-baste around the edge just beyond the seam line. Sew a gold bead to each intersecting point. Cut out the stocking front, adding 1/2-inch seam allowances.

5. Make the ribbon cuff. Match the raw edges of the ribbon to the raw upper edge of the stocking; baste in place, overlapping ribbons slightly. Fold the ribbon hanger in half and tack to the upper corner.

6. Assemble stocking. Sew stocking front to back, right sides together, keeping the ribbon fringe and hanger free and leaving the top edge open. Clip the curves. Turn the stocking to the right side.

7. Sew and add lining. Sew the lining front to the lining back, leaving the top edge and lower marked section open. Clip the curves. Do not turn. Slip the stocking into the lining, right sides together. Sew around the upper edge of the cuff. Turn to the right side. Slip-stitch the opening closed. Tuck the lining to the inside.

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