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Canning Jar Luminarias

Even when guests are about to arrive, there's time to make a small collection of these pretty candles.

What You Need:

Think of more fun nonflammable items that would work in these luminarias.
  • Canning jars without lids
  • Nonflammable items, such as buttons, unwrapped candies, marbles, or aquarium rocks
  • Votive candle cup
  • Votive candles
  • Ribbon, if desired
  • Scissors
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1. Remove the lid from the canning jar. Wash the jar. Let it dry.

2. Fill the jar approximately halfway with desired filler, such as buttons, unwrapped candies, marbles, aquarium rocks, or other nonflammable items.

3. Place the candle in the votive cup. Nestle the cup in the center of the filler.

4. If desired, tie a ribbon around the neck of the jar. Trim the ribbon ends.

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