Festive and Fun Holiday Drinks

Get the party started with a fabulous holiday cocktail or other party-worthy drink recipe. Apple cider cocktail, peppermint punch, hot chocolate, and eggnog are just a few of our favorite must-try holiday drinks of the season. Many of our Christmas drinks are easy to make ahead, leaving you stress-free (and extra cheery!) for your holiday party.

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    Hot Scarlet Wine Punch

    The alluring aromas of cinnamon and cranberry in this festive holiday cocktail are a delicious way to welcome Christmas guests. Start simmering the wine recipe in your slow cooker hours before the party, and it will be ready for guests whenever they arrive.

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    Bourbon Stout Cocktail

    When it comes to Christmas drinks, beer might not be what first comes to mind. Shake things up this Christmas with a frosty beer cocktail. This one's made with chocolate stout, chocolate syrup, and bourbon -- and has party written all over it.

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    Blushing Maple Cocktail

    Rosemary and citrus -- it doesn't get any more holiday than this. Sliced kumquats and cranberries make the bourbon-base drink presentation-ready.

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    White Hot Chocolate

    Real vanilla bean and white chocolate swirl into this year's must-have hot chocolate recipe. For holiday flair, garnish with shredded chocolate.

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    Spiced Citrus Cocktail

    Cranberry syrup and adorable gumdrop skewers make this the snazziest vodka-lemonade ever. Watch how to make these festive Christmas cocktails. 

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    Apple on the Rocks

    Sparkling hard cider gives this spiked drink an extra kick. Serve it as a Christmas cocktail, a holiday party drink, or a treat at the end of a long winter day.

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    Ruby Cocktail

    This triple-threat cocktail is made with grapefruit, tangerine vodka, and pink Prosecco. The sparkly rim is the cherry on top!

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    Pear Sparkler

    The delicate flavors of rosemary and pear combine with bubbly ginger ale in this sparkling cocktail recipe that's perfect for a Christmas party.

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    Holiday Wassail

    Forget store-bought cider. This made-from-scratch batch calls for buttery baked apples and a tantalizing bundle of spices.

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    Orange-Ginger-Pomegranate Punch

    With orange, ginger, pomegranate, and Prosecco -- the Italian sparkling wine similar to champagne -- this punch recipe will be a Christmas crowd-pleaser.

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    Raspberry Mojito Punch

    This pretty red-and-green punch is deliciously flavored with raspberry, mint, and lime. To make it kid-friendly, simply skip the rum and increase the carbonated water.

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    Rosy Cheeks Holiday Drink

    Chambord gives this frosty drink just a hint of pink blush. Add a drop of red food coloring for rosier color, or leave as is for a pretty red-and-white contrast.

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    Cranberry Cider Sangria

    Pomegranate molasses. If that doesn't sell you on this holiday sangria, its sweet blend of apples, oranges, and brandy will.

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    Citrus Cider

    Take advantage of the abundance of winter citrus to use fresh fruit juices in this hot cider recipe. Adding orange and lemon peel to the spice mix intensifies the citrus level for greater depth of flavor.

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    Tip for Decadent Hot Chocolate

    We love warming up with a mug of hot chocolate. Make yours even better with our tip for ultimate creaminess.

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    Minty White Chocolate Eggnog

    Make purchased eggnog your own by adding white chocolate and peppermint to create a sweet and silky holiday drink. Garnish with a sprinkling of nutmeg and a peppermint stick for an extra-special touch.

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    Blood Orange Toddy

    Turn in-season blood orange into a trendy toddy. This one's equal parts sweet and zippy.

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    Peppermint Frost Holiday Drink

    Make a refreshing Christmas cocktail with splashes of creme de cacao, peppermint schnapps, and cream. Extra candy canes come in handy as a cool garnish for these creamy holiday drinks.

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    Hot Buttered Cider

    This seasonal apple cider will warm you from head to toe. Plus, you can transform the leftovers into hot buttered rum with a quick addition of 1/2 cup rum to the recipe.

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    Tiramisu Tippers

    Skip the fork and drink your tiramisu instead. With ice cream, vodka, coffee liqueur, and creme de cacao, this decadent drink tastes just like the classic Italian dessert -- and makes a delicious Christmas cocktail.

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    Peppermint-Eggnog Punch

    Love the cool, wintry flavor of peppermint? Try this creamy punch recipe made with peppermint ice cream, eggnog, and ginger ale. To add even more holiday flair, use a peppermint stick as a stirrer for these minty Christmas cocktails.

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    Chocolate Blitzen Drink

    This beautiful Christmas cocktail makes a decadent and memorable dessert. Ice cream, Irish cream, creme de cacao, and vodka are blended and served in a chocolate-rimmed martini glass.

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    Cranberry-Pineapple Cooler

    Fresh cranberries are a colorful garnish for this tart and sweet alcohol-free punch. For a traditional red-and-green Christmas color combo, add a sprig of mint to each glass.

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    Brandy-Kissed Snowflake Drink

    These adorable brandy shots are creamy, smooth, and warming. The addition of cinnamon spices things up for a Christmas-worthy cocktail.

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    Winter Fruit Sangria

    This blend of red wine, honey, brandy, and dried fruit is a cocktail party favorite. Make it ahead of time and be stress-free at party time.

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    Icy Holiday Margaritas

    These cranberry-raspberry holiday cocktails look festive and offer a special-occasion twist on classic blended margaritas.

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    White Chocolate Mocha

    Starbucks isn't the only one who can make a mean mocha. All you need is chocolate, milk, coffee, and marshmallows. Add rum to make party-worthy Christmas drinks.

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    Become a Cocktail Guru

    Our NEW digital cocktail guide has everything you need to make the most delicious cocktails for any event.

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    Ginger-Infused Vodka

    Serve this icy-cold flavored vodka before dinner or use it as a base for cocktails. You can make it up to four days in advance.

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    Sparkling Sangria

    This fresh cocktail recipe is the perfect counter to heavy holiday food. Fresh ginger mingles with grapefruit juice and champagne for a bright, refreshing drink.

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    Pomegranate Sparklers

    To create these festive holiday cocktails, steep pomegranate seeds in brandy and float them atop glasses filled with champagne.

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