Irresistible Holiday Cakes

Enjoy our assortment of indulgent cakes perfect for your next holiday get-together. From elegant layered cakes and scrumptious Christmas cake rolls to creamy cheesecakes and tortes, each take on cake in this collection makes an irresistible holiday dessert.

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    Chocolate-Berry Wreath Cake

    Chocolate-lovers will go nuts for this rich, dark cake. Wonderful with just the chocolate butter frosting, this basic cake is transformed into a sensational holiday treat with the addition of berries and a white chocolate bow.

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    Citrus Tannenbaum Sheet Cake

    A Christmas tree of candied citrus slices will spread smiles across the faces of adults and children alike. The real joy, however, comes from the moist cake with a hint of citrus that lies beneath.

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    Maple-Mascarpone Cheesecake

    A blend of sweet maple syrup and tangy Greek yogurt smothers the top of this mascarpone-enhanced cheesecake. Top with candied walnuts for a savory crunch.

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    Hot Cocoa Brownie Cake

    Don't be fooled by the stunning exterior of this holiday cake: Preparation is a cinch thanks to its brownie-mix base. Just cook according to package directions and top with dollops of our homemade marshmallow-coffee frosting.

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    Caramel Apple Upside-Down Cornmeal Cake

    Packed with pecans, cranberries, and seasoned apples, this holiday version of upside-down cake is pretty and palatable. We can't blame you if you never go back to the original.

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    Rum-Vanilla Bean Bundt Cake

    Upgrade a traditional Bundt cake recipe with light rum and vanilla beans. For a decorative finish, try using a patterned Bundt cake pan and a sprinkle of powdered sugar.

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    Hazelnut Truffle Cake

    This flourless torte is rich and heady thanks to the flavor it gains from Frangelico and chocolaty hazelnut spread. A boozy whipped cream and chocolate-hazelnut drizzle produce the cake's pretty facade.

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    Dulce de Leche Cake

    Kick your classic white cake mix up a notch with shredded orange peel and layers of creamy dulce de leche. Coat with whipped cream and a drizzle of caramelized sugar for a cake that is sure to wow guests.

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    Cappuccino Cheesecake

    Sure, one layer of cheesecake is good, but four scrumptious layers are better. An espresso-flavored filling tops a layer of chocolate coffee ganache and a wafer-cookie crust. Sour cream icing finishes the dessert for one indulgent cheesecake.

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    Harvest Carrot Cake with Skillet Fruit

    Give carrot cake seasonal flavor with the addition of canned pumpkin or mashed sweet potato. Walnuts, homemade buttercream frosting, and a skillet fruit topping complete the hearty harvest cake.

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    Bourbon-Chocolate Tipsy Cake

    Bourbon and coffee crystals add immense depth of flavor to this super moist, adults-only cake. Bake the cake up to two days in advance, so all that's left is to make and drizzle the sauce over the top the day it's served.

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    Coconut Layer Cake

    For all of you coconut fans, this winter white cake is bursting with the sweet and fruity ingredient. Shredded coconut adds texture to the cake's filling, while toasted coconut chips garnish the lovely creme fraiche frosting.

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    Chocolate and Vanilla Red Velvet Cake

    Sandwiched between layers of holiday-crimson red velvet cake is a mascarpone-vanilla bean filling. On top, a creamy layer of chocolate ganache adds decadence.

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    Mastering Chocolate Ganache

    Too thick, too thin: Chocolate ganache can be a tricky topping. Luckily, we've got the secrets to success. Watch as we guide you in the perfect preparation of this decadent dessert topping.

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    Malted Chocolate Bundt Cake with Chocolate Glaze

    Malted milk powder naturally sweetens this rich and chocolaty cake. A thick glaze and crunchy candy topping complete the party-perfect dessert.

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    Black Forest Cake Roll

    We can hardly keep track of all the scrumptious elements in this holiday cake roll. From swirls of whipped cream and delectable brandied cherries to a chocolate ganache coating, the festive buche is packed to the brim.

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    Coffee-Mallow Torte

    Who says a decadent cake requires baking? This frozen torte pairs perfectly with a warm cup of coffee or tea served post-holiday meal.

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    Cranberry-Pear-Walnut Cake

    This cinnamon-spiced cake guarantees succulent pieces of cranberry, pear, and walnut with every bite. A warm homemade caramel sauce and hearty seasonal fruit complete the dessert.

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    Butterscotch Marble Cake

    This festive cake is so simple it starts with a mix. Butterscotch pudding makes it moist, while homemade chocolate icing adds sweetness.

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    Decadent Hazelnut Cheesecake

    There's no shortage of flavor in this creamy cake, which is infused with hazelnut liqueur and speckled with chopped hazelnuts. A toasted-filbert crust further enhances the dessert.

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    Red Velvet Cake Roll

    To keep this light-but-luscious cake from cracking, roll it up with the filling before it cools. This ensures a beautiful red velvet spiral.

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    Chocolaty Harvest Fruit-Topped Cake

    An assortment of seasonal spices, including cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, flavor this savory cake. Its garnish of warm harvest fruit, gooey caramel, and chocolate whipped cream make it perfect for cool weather.

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    Crustless Cheesecake with Cranberry Sauce

    This holiday season, save the cranberry sauce for dessert. By removing the crust and adding sugared cranberries, you can give your traditional cheesecake an easy seasonal makeover.

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    Orange Ancho Marble Cake

    Finely shredded orange peel gives this pretty chocolate-and-vanilla swirled cake a festive feel. Chile powder adds a touch of heat.

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    Dark Chocolate-Raspberry Cakes

    Single-serving cakes are an easy dessert option sure to please holiday guests. Chocolate mini cakes are filled with fresh raspberries and glazed with an ultrarich icing.

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    Cherry Polenta Cake

    Tart dried cherries add a flavor contrast to the grappa-laced whipped cream that tops this festive cornmeal cake. Make the dessert even more elegant by using a large doily to create a charming powdered sugar design.

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    Bittersweet Cheesecake Torte

    Layers of velvety ganache, chocolaty brownies, and creamy cheesecake make this gorgeous dessert a decadent holiday favorite.

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    Cake Decorating Made Easy

    Baking the cake is only half the fun. Learn how to transform your deserts from plain to pretty with our simple cake-decorating tips.

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    Orange-Carrot Cake with Chocolate Ganache

    The citrusy oranges and sweet chocolate ganache prove complementary in this decadent carrot cake. Shredded coconut and an orange-cream cheese filling pack the layered dessert.

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    Gianduja Mousse Cake

    Chocolate-lovers, rejoice! This dense cake boasts a generous helping of rich chocolate and a hint of hazelnut.

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    Hazelnut-Pear Torte with Dulce de Leche Filling

    This towering torte both looks and tastes delicious. Layers of hazelnut cake sandwich juicy pears and a rich and creamy dulce de leche filling.

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    Mini Cocoa Cakes

    These moist mini cakes are ideal for a holiday dessert buffet. Decorating options include grated orange peel, mini chocolate pieces, minced peanut brittle, and cinnamon candies.

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    Clove-Molasses Cake

    The fragrant holiday spice of cloves and a sweet molasses glaze flavor this succulent stacked cake. For a dramatic touch, serve the gingerbreadlike cake with blood orange slices.

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    Red-and-White Christmas Cake

    Filled with raspberry preserves and covered with a fluffy white chocolate frosting, this red velvet cake makes a gorgeous centerpiece for your holiday table.

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    Mocha Buche de Noel

    Bring back a Christmas classic! This log features rolled chocolate cake and cream cheese frosting, as well as decorative sugared cranberries for the ultimate holiday dessert.

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