Eggnog Recipes

It's not quite the holidays without a warm cup of cozy eggnog. Mix it up and try one of our variations on the classic eggnog recipe.


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    • Eggnog Punch

      Eggnog lovers, rejoice! No holiday is complete without this festive, cinnamon-laced, creamy eggnog punch. Don't forget the candy cane garnish!

    • Guilt-Free Eggnog

      This lighter take on traditional eggnog has all the warm vanilla-and-nutmeg flavor and fewer of the calories.

    • Easy Eggnog Fix-Ups

      Want a delicious holiday eggnog drink in a snap? Start with purchased eggnong, and use our simple recipe ideas to serve up a mocha, minty-white, or hazelnut variation.

    • Hot Caffe Latte Eggnog

      Honey, coffee liqueur, and espresso powder make this deliciously rich drink the perfect way to warm up on a chilly evening.

    • Peppermint Eggnog Punch

      Whip up a cup of holiday cheer with the help of peppermint ice cream and a touch of bubbly ginger ale for an eggnog punch that's fun, festive, and delicious.

    • Eggnog

      This classic homemade eggnog recipe pairs the warm flavors of bourbon and rum with a touch of nutmeg and vanilla for a holiday drink that will please any eggnog enthusiast.

    • Cafe Rompope (Mexican Coffee Eggnog)

      Try a unique, south-of-the-border twist on eggnog that features coffee-flavor liqueur, light rum, and Mexican canela.

    • Spiked Eggnog

      Bourbon and creme de menthe give this eggnog its delectable, minty flavor. For a nonalcoholic version, just omit the alcohol and add 1/2 cup milk and 2 teaspoons vanilla into the yolk mixure after cooking.

    • Cappuccino Eggnog

      Like cappuccino? Love eggnog? Then you'll delight in this deliciously creamy holiday drink that serves up the best of both worlds. Garnish with orange peel for a fun touch of citrus.

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      Berry Eggnog Punch

      Eggnog gets a bright and fruity makeover with the help of cranberry-raspberry juice concentrate and a touch of bubbly lemon-lime soda.

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