Cute Aah-Inducing Christmas Sweets

The classic tunes are cranked, the eggnog is flowing, and the treat tray is ready to be filled. Check out our cute, festive ideas for Christmas desserts and sweets -- Santa cake pops, reindeer cookies, Christmas tree cupcakes, and more! -- and have yourself a merry little baking session. Caution: These homemade holiday treats are so adorably sweet, your teeth may hurt just from looking at them.

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    Melty Snowman Cupcake

    If our frosty friend has to melt, he might as well do it on a cupcake! A vanilla wafer and some warmed frosting create his dripping head, while a peanut butter cup and chocolate-covered Oreo fashion his top hat. 


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    Cardinal Cake Pop

    Perched on a pile of coconut, these Christmas red cardinals will add an elegant pop of color to any dessert tray.

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    Geometric Reindeer Sugar Cookies

    These have to be the cutest sugar cookies we've ever seen. Plus with their chocolaty fur coat and pretzel antlers and legs, these reindeers are a sweet-and-salty treat.

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    Melting Snowman Cocktail

    This too-cute creamy cocktail is actually super easy! 

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    Gingerbread Cake Pop

    These cake pops will impress guests for two reasons: One, they deliver the spiced taste of gingerbread in a totally new way. And two, their intricate Christmas berry design is super festive.

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    Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookie Snowmen

    Dip a peanut butter sandwich in almond bark and it's no longer just a cookie -- it's a snowman! Then decorate the cute treat however you like. 

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    Chocolate-Covered Cookie Sandwich Presents

    These easy treats are a gift to your crazy holiday prep routine. Actually though, these "presents" are sandwich cookies covered in melted candy -- super sweet and super easy.

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    Peanut Butter and Chocolate Truffle Mice

    Almond ears, sprinkle eyes, and licorice tails bring these little guys out to play. Catch one while you can!


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    Snowman Cookie Balls

    Cream cheese and crushed cookies make easy, yummy cookie balls. Coat in almond bark and decorate to look like festive snowmen! Mess up? Make it look intentional by turning your mistake into a melting snowman.

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    Christmas Sugar Cookie Cutouts

    A red (hot) nose isn't the only thing that makes Rudolph glow. His trendy ombre coat -- piped with hues of holiday red icing -- steals the spotlight on this year's Christmas cookie tray.

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    Hanging Stocking Sugar Cookies

    Cookies on a plate? Not this year! Surprise Santa with stocking-inspired cookies hanging from an icy glass of milk. (Those fireplace stockings don't stand a chance.) 


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    These wow-worthy confections may look like pie, but there's no crust-rolling involved. Instead, classic flavors like cherry, pumpkin, and pecan top yellow cupcakes. 

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    Christmas Cake Pops

    Frosty, Rudolph, Santa -- the crew's all here! Give the whimsical Christmas characters some sugary swag with red hots, gum drops, icing, and pretzels.



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    Gluten-Free Hot Cocoa Cupcakes

    Looking for a cute dessert that lacks gluten? Top a delish gluten free chocolate cupcake with white frosting, marshmallows, and chocolate chips to resemble hot cocoa toppings. Then use a mini candy cane to make a teacup handle.

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    Pinecone Cakes

    These winter cakes may look too cute to eat, but one bite will make you glad you did! Underneath the crunchy almond coating are forkfuls of sweet Christmas bliss: vanilla bean cake with cinnamon-spiked cream cheese frosting. 


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    Holiday Snowman Toppers

    Bundle your snowy cupcake friends in cozy winter wear using frostings, sprinkles, candies, and other Christmas snacks. From licorice bows to pretzel pipes, your snowmen will be the coolest crew around.

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    Santa Hat Cupcake

    You'll never show up on the naughty list when you serve a cupcake like this. Help showcase the big guy's iconic hat with simple piping tools, lots of frosting, and some good ol' decorating fun.


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    Doughnut Tree

    Give party guests the white Christmas they've been dreaming of: doughnuts. Thanks to some strategic toothpick placing, the snowy powdered sugar holes pile high to create a tree that's pretty enough for the North Pole.

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    Reindeer Palmiers

    Turn a package of frozen puff pastry into Santa's trusty delivery team with curled-up antlers and sweet friendly faces. One tip we learned the hard way: If guests will fight over the red-nosed reindeer, you can make them all that way!

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    3-D Gingerbread Trees

    A touch of Jack Frost (aka powdered sugar) gives this gingerbread cookie forest its snow-dusted shimmer. Homemade royal icing doubles as both adhesive and decor. 


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    Candy Cane Cookie Sled

    Come on, it's lovely weather for a -- well, you know the rest. Create your own sleigh ride in the cozy comfort of your kitchen with candy canes and tea biscuits.

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    Gingerbread People

    Make cutout cookies come alive with dapper decorating. Red hots, festive icing, and sprinkles give these candy couture models their Instagram-worthy look. 


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    Almond Wreath Cookie

    Deck the halls with wreaths of cookies. These jolly stunners are made with almond paste and resemble the worldly flavor of marzipan. The secret to their shape? A doughnut cutter!

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    The Cutest Christmas Cookie Wreath Ever

    Metallic green luster dust gives these sugar cookie wreaths a Santa-approved look. Find out how to make them!

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    Snowball Trees

    No mittens needed here. Thanks to easy vanilla batter and a few drops of green food coloring, you can roll your way to a gorgeous batch of snowball tree cookies.

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    Santa Cake

    Forget the plate of cookies -- Santa wants a cake this Christmas! Look to fresh strawberries to craft the perfect rosy-cheeked face, eyelashes included.

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    O Tannenbaum Cupcakes

    These carol-inspired tree treats get their flawless shape from ice cream cones and some swift green frosting. Stud them with pearl candies for sophisticated shine.

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    Pretzel-Winged Angel Sugar Cookies

    Whether it's a silent night in or a party night out, these pretzel-winged angels are sure to evoke some oohs and ahhs. This girly's gone all out with gold shoes and a star-studded coat.

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    Hidden Snowman Cake

    Frosty's house is cooler than yours. With chocolate everything inside and icy white frosting out, it's no question this snowman is living in a marshmallow world this winter. 

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