20+ Delightful Christmas Brunch Recipes

After gifts are opened, sit down to a delicious Christmas brunch the whole family will love. These delicious brunch recipes, including Christmas breakfast casseroles, cinnamon rolls, and pastries, are sure to make your Christmas morning memorable. Bonus: Almost all of these breakfast recipes are easy to make ahead.

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    Easy Huevos Rancheros Casserole

    Keep the tradition of Christmas brunch, but mix things up with a Mexican-inspired breakfast casserole. Garnish this egg-and-potato bake with salsa and sour cream, and serve alongside freshly squeezed juice.

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    Mascarpone-Stuffed French Toast with Salted Caramel-Banana Sauce

    The rich filling of mascarpone, cream cheese, and sugared nuts in this breakfast recipe captures the true spirit of the holidays -- it's slightly over the top and will make the day feel oh, so special. Prepare it the night before for a make-ahead morning meal.

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    Roasted Breakfast Pears

    Maple-infused yogurt makes a luscious topping for these citrus-laced baked pears. Serve them alongside savory dishes for a memorable Christmas breakfast.

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    Manchego and Brandied Cherry Scones

    Lightly nutty Manchego cheese and lush cherries fill these scones for a totally irresistable combination of savory and sweet. Offer a bowl of cherry jam for guests to slather over their scones on Christmas morning.

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    Caramelized Onion Breakfast Casserole

    Sweet ribbons of caramelized onions contrast with salty bacon and creamy Muenster in this holiday-worthy breakfast bake. (Don't be surprised when this dish is requested again for New Year's brunch!)

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    Savory Brunch Muffin

    Featuring smoked salmon, hard-boiled egg, and a crunchy potato chip topper, these delish muffins are a holiday tradition in the making! Watch our how-to video for this Christmas breakfast.

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    French Chocolate Coffee Cake

    A rich chocolate swirl and streusel topping turn a basic coffee cake recipe into a Christmas breakfast delight. Leftovers? Save and serve for a simple midday treat!

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    Ham and Cheese Slab Pies

    Flaky, gooey, and with just a little mustardy zing, these savory slab pies will be a hit around your holiday breakfast table. And if you're a devotee of careful holiday planning, these easy-to-make pies are right up your alley: They store beautifully in your freezer up to two months in advance!

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    Poblano-Chorizo Strata

    Spice up your holiday brunch with this pepper-and-onion-packed strata. Savory chorizo and peppery poblanos give this breakfast casserole a touch of heat, while a snowfall of salty queso fresco adds cool contrast.

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    Creamy Caramel Crunch Rolls

    For brunch guests with a sweet tooth, these gooey caramel rolls will hit the spot. Honey-roasted nuts add a bit of crunch to every bite of this Christmas brunch.

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    Bacon-Mushroom Quiche with Gruyere and Thyme

    You can use any type of mushroom you like in this creamy, bacon-studded quiche -- or for extra savory flavor, use a variety of mushrooms! We love baking this dish on Christmas Eve, then warming it in the oven before serving the next morning.

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    Baked Denver Strata

    This zesty breakfast casserole is full of crowd-pleasing ingredients, including English muffins, chile peppers, olives, and ham. Plus, it can be made a day in advance and popped in the oven Christmas morning for a stress-free breakfast.

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    Eggs Benedict Bake

    Impress holiday guests with an easy breakfast recipe that has all the wow factor of homemade eggs benedict and none of the fuss. It takes less than a half-hour to bake, and much of the preparation can be done the day before.

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    Four-Cheese Zucchini Strata

    White cheddar, provolone, feta, and Parmesan form a melty binding for layers of garlic focaccia bread and sauteed zucchini. But the best part? You can prep this savory strata the night before, then pop it in the oven while you're opening presents, making it one of the easiest brunch ideas you can prepare for Christmas morning.

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    Quiche Lorraine

    Tantalize taste buds of holiday guests with the enticing flavors of this quiche Lorraine recipe. A flaky piecrust holds all your breakfast favorites: cheese, eggs, and savory bacon.

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    The Most Flavorful Banana Bread You've Ever Had

    Banana bread brunch recipes may be a common Christmas breakfast idea, but we’re sharing a secret to making the best banana bread ever. Roasting your bananas before adding them to your banana bread batter adds natural sugars and distinctive flavor to this classic breakfast treat. Watch our video to learn the easy technique!

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    Cheesy Potato Bake with Eggs

    This hearty Christmas breakfast recipe features smoky bacon, fresh tomatoes, broccoli, and potatoes for a holiday-worthy breakfast casserole. Slash prep time by using a food processor or mandoline to slice the potatoes.

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    Banana Pancakes with Chocolate Bits and Raspberries

    Make Christmas breakfast extra special with pancakes infused with chocolate and banana. Top with fresh red raspberries to add bright color and fruit-filled sweetness to this holiday recipe.

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    Bagel, Lox, and Egg Strata

    This brunch recipe puts a fresh twist on bagels and lox. Chives, melty Swiss cheese, and eggs give this comforting casserole a whole new taste.

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    Blueberry-Cream Cheese Pastries

    Christmas brunch guests will love sinking their teeth into these flaky fruit pastries. Full of blueberries, cream cheese, vanilla, and lemon juice, they're a tasty treat for any holiday gathering.

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    Spicy Sicilian Strata

    Cook this spicy strata full of pepperoni, spinach, and dried tomatoes in a skillet. This Italian-inspired Christmas recipe can be prepped and chilled overnight, so all you have to do in the morning is stick it in the oven.

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    Gingerbread Cinnamon Rolls

    Delicious gingerbread adds holiday flair to simple cinnamon rolls. For an extra touch of holiday sweetness, drizzle with homemade cinnamon glaze and garnish with sugared cranberries.

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    Spice Tea Breakfast Bread Pudding

    Surprising ingredients -- orange spice tea, dried cherries, and chopped persimmons -- turn bread pudding into a special holiday treat. And because it serves 12 and is ready in just an hour, this recipe is perfect for overnight guests.

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    Apple-Almond Cinnamon Strata

    Take apple beyond the pie with our Christmas brunch recipe that's packed with cinnamon-spiced apples and almonds. We love serving it alongside smoked bacon -- the mix of sweet and savory is always a hit.

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