Christmas Recipes

Find delicious holiday recipes, create a menu for Christmas dinner, and serve the perfect Christmas punch! We have you covered with recipes for elegant holiday appetizers, Christmas dinners, and more. If you're expecting a lot of guests this holiday, our Christmas casserole recipes feed a crowd and feature festive seasonal ingredients. It can be a busy time of year, so our make-ahead side dishes work great as low-key Christmas recipe ideas. But when it comes to Christmas cooking, we like to skip right to dessert. Our Christmas cookies are some of the most popular recipes on our site, and they don't disappoint. Gingerbread cookies, thumbprint cookies, and sugar cookies all make the cut. Or start a new tradition with our Christmas candy recipes and look to our Christmas pies or holiday cakes for your next party. It's also a great time of year to pair a special drink with your dinner or desserts. Our festive holiday drink recipes include fabulous cocktails and punch ideas that will keep guests mingling.

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  • Christmas

    Create a warm and cozy holiday home that rings "Christmas is here!" from the kitchen to the guest room.

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    Gather the family around the table to enjoy traditional Kwanzaa recipes in a beautifully decorated home.

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