Walk Off the Weight

Three four-week walking programs that will rev up your metabolism.

Choose Your Level

Choose one of the following walking programs, then click the link at the upper left for program details.

First Steps This program eases you into exercise walking, starting with just 10 minutes a day and increasing to 30 minutes. It's the right choice for someone who's just getting started exercising.

Speed Circuit Plan This plan starts with a 30-minute-a-day regimen and increases it to 45 minutes, with 5-minute bursts of faster walking factored in for increased calorie burning. If you're already somewhat active, or have been walking for a month or so with no results, this is the program for you.

Maximum Burn Plan Interval training -- alternating fast and slower walking every 60 to 90 seconds -- is the program here, designed to burn more calories without walking for a longer period of time (40 minutes to an hour each day). This plan is for those who have already been engaged in strenuous exercise for at least 6 weeks, those who think walking is too easy, or anyone who is already walking as exercise and wants to increase her weight loss.

The Walking for Fitness plan also includes Basic Information about warming up, how to place your feet, and hydration, as well as Overall Guidelines everyone should follow before starting this type of exercise program.