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Try our 6-week planning guide to get your home festive a little bit at a time.
6 Weeks Until Christmas
decorated staircase Even without snow, you can
guarantee a white Christmas
with light, bright, romantic

With Thanksgiving still two weeks away, it might seem a little early to start thinking about Christmas, but now is the best time to get a head start on the holiday season. This week's to-dos:

Pick a theme. Christmas decorations can go beyond the traditional red and green with beautiful results. Need some inspiration? Try a holiday decorating theme such as vintage, all-white, gold, natural, or even beach-inspired.


Hang wreaths. Save time and money by selecting a wreath that can do double duty: Put it up now -- in time for Thanksgiving -- and leave it up through Christmas. For a live wreath, you can gather leaves, nuts, and twigs from your backyard. For a longer-lasting wreath, stop by your local craft store for faux berries and dried flowers.


Make candles. Set aside an afternoon to create your own homemade candles. Candle-making is also a great project for older children (be sure to supervise). Make enough candles to decorate your home, plus extras to wrap up as gifts. Candles make great presents for friends, neighbors, and teachers.


Sew stockings. Christmas stockings are a not-to-be-missed holiday tradition. And you still have plenty of time before Christmas to make your own unique stockings. Create one for each family member -- you can even personalize them with names, if you'd like.

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