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Healthy Eating at Christmas

Meet the festive, healthy, holiday menu! You'll find many of your favorites -- but with pull-out-all-the-stops touches that will make for a lavish spread. Yes, every single recipe is delicious!


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    • Main-Event Turkey

      Rub the outside of the bird with black pepper, paprika, and a favorite herb.

    • Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

      Pretty as can be, these Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes make a festive red-and-green contribution to your holiday table. They always taste great, so don't hesitate to make them any time of year.

    • Beef Tenderloin with Onion-Cherry Chutney

      This Beef Tenderloin with Onion-Cherry Chutney is more than fit for a holiday feast. Apples, sweet pepper, cherries, and onion add up to a flavorful sauce.

    • Chutney-Glazed Ham

      The prep time for this spectacular Chutney-Glazed Ham is just 15 minutes, leaving you plenty of time to get the rest of the holiday meal together.

    • Tuscany Stuffed Chicken Breasts

      These elegant Tuscany Stuffed Chicken Breasts are stuffed with roasted sweet red pepper, sage, and cheese, then topped with a wine-based sauce. Simply delicious.

    • Swiss Cheese-Almond Flatbread

      When you need a special bread for your holiday gathering, this Swiss Cheese-Almond Flatbread is perfect. It's substantial enough to be served as an appetizer.

    • Maple-Glazed Pears and Cereal

      Serve this Maple-Glazed Pears and Cereal combination at your next holiday brunch. For a family breakfast, the hot cereal can be served in a bowl with the pear set on top.

    • Cranberry Twist Bread

      Although the orange-flavored drizzle makes a stunning addition to this Cranberry Twist Bread, you can omit it to further reduce the calories.

    • Cherry-Nut Muffins

      Break up the hectic holiday hustle and bustle by having a few friends over for a relaxing tea. Serve these Cherry-Nut Muffins during your well-deserved break.

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