How to Make Snowflake Dinnerware

Give plain bowls a temporary wintry facelift with the addition of snowflakes punched from red paper and glued in place.

What You Need

Red and white snowflake place setting

How to Make It

Red and white snowflake detail

  1. Punch snowflake shapes from red paper.
  2. Dilute crafts glue with water to the consistency of heavy cream.
  3. Working with one snowflake at a time, use the sponge brush to thoroughly coat the back side with glue. Place the snowflake on the bowl. Continue to apply snowflakes until the desired effect is achieved.
  4. Lightly brush glue over the top of each snowflake to seal. Let dry.
  5. Adhere leftover snowflakes to candlesticks, packages, or package tags. Note: The decorations on the dinnerware are not permanent and are not safe for dishwashing or for microwaving.