Holiday Gazing

Created with gazing globes and glass ornaments, these seasonal displays deck your home with shimmer and shine.

Gazing Through History

Birdbath With Globe Spread good cheer in your garden
with this glimmering creation.

Once permanent fixtures in European gardens, reflective globes were thought to have mystical powers, bringing good luck and happiness to their owners.

Today, globes enjoy renewed popularity as outdoor ornaments, offering alluring reflections of garden landscapes. The spheres can make sparkling displays for interior spaces as well. What better time than Christmas to try decorating with these age-old garden delights?

Bountiful Bath

  • Idle since the first frost, this birdbath now reflects a winter wonderland. To give your birdbath seasonal spirit, anchor fresh evergreens in florist's foam arranged around an 8-inch flowerpot at the center of the bath.
  • Place a 12-inch silver gazing globe on top of the flowerpot and surround with a few 8-inch globes and a variety of smaller glass ornaments. Consider bringing the colorful display inside the house for a delightful scene near the Christmas tree.

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