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Popular in Christmas

Holiday Gazing

Created with gazing globes and glass ornaments, these seasonal displays deck your home with shimmer and shine.

Gazing Through History

Spread good cheer in your garden with this glimmering creation.

Once permanent fixtures in European gardens, reflective globes were thought to have mystical powers, bringing good luck and happiness to their owners.

Today, globes enjoy renewed popularity as outdoor ornaments, offering alluring reflections of garden landscapes. The spheres can make sparkling displays for interior spaces as well. What better time than Christmas to try decorating with these age-old garden delights?

Bountiful Bath

  • Idle since the first frost, this birdbath now reflects a winter wonderland. To give your birdbath seasonal spirit, anchor fresh evergreens in florist's foam arranged around an 8-inch flowerpot at the center of the bath.
  • Place a 12-inch silver gazing globe on top of the flowerpot and surround with a few 8-inch globes and a variety of smaller glass ornaments. Consider bringing the colorful display inside the house for a delightful scene near the Christmas tree.

Gazing globes typically range from 6 to 22 inches in diameter. Stainless-steel globes withstand the outdoors better than glass globes, which can crack in extreme cold or tumble to their demise in high winds. Quality globes will last years with proper care. Just don't loosen or remove the seal at the neck.

The reflective color is inside a glass globe -- unlike glass ornaments, which are typically colored on the outside. If moisture gets inside, the color coating will peel. Silver and lavender are the most popular choices.

Holiday Hello

Make your globes more striking with accents of bright ribbon and evergreen.
  • Welcome friends and family with two giant 22-inch silver gazing globes -- about as big as they come.
  • Wrap each stainless-steel sphere with red ribbon, tying a bow at the top. Place each globe on a fresh evergreen wreath that has been placed atop an urn.
  • Hang another wreath on the door, and border with evergreen garland to make a picture-perfect passage.

Merry Message

Try these flowerpots as place markers on a holiday dinner table.
  • Express holiday wishes with this modest mantel display. Plant a collection of 4-inch glass ornaments, alternating red and green, atop 3-inch terra-cotta flowerpots sprayed a seasonal metallic gold.
  • Use a silver paint pen to write a joyful message across the row of ornaments. Inscribe each ornament with a name instead of a message and you have instant identification for the stockings hanging below.

Graceful Glow

Add shimmer to your holiday nights with a graceful arrangement of globes and candles.
  • Reflecting the glow of candlelight, this arrangement creates a kaleidoscope of flickering delight. Replace the fireplace grate with cardboard boxes of different heights.
  • Cut a hole in the top of the largest box so that the neck of the largest globe fits through. Repeat with remaining globes and boxes and fill in gaps with holiday greens and glass ornaments. Always use care when burning candles around greens; even in a fireplace, you don't want unexpected flame.

Tabletop Trimmings

Ivory tapers in silver candlesticks complete the Yuletide setting.
  • For maximum reflection, place this tabletop display near sunlit windows. In one 7-inch and one 8-inch ivory glazed flowerpot, secure a collar of fern sprigs to florist's foam tucked inside.
  • Top the 7-inch pot with an 8-inch teal globe and the 8-inch pot with a 10-inch red globe.

Garnished Glassware

Fill spaces between globes with garland, evergreen, or mistletoe.
  • Fill a small glass vase or votive with purple glass ornaments. Nearby, place an 8-inch silver globe in the bottom of a glass hurricane vase and top with glass ornaments.
  • On a glass pedestal, nestle several smaller glass globes around a larger gold globe and trim with evergreens. Hold globes in place with floral putty adhesive, such as Floralife Sure-Stik, available through florists and at crafts supply stores.

Water Garden

Add fresh flowers to an arrangement of globes for a beautiful centerpiece.
  • Place a florist's frog in a sterling-silver serving dish or other shallow, watertight decorative container. Arrange and secure lilies with the florist's frog. Add water and surround stems with tiny glass ornaments.
  • Because some glass ornaments may lose their color coating in water, purchase a box of bargain ornaments that can be discarded after the flowers fade.

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