Holiday Decoration Drives

Lights are synonymous with the twinkling spirit of the holiday season. A leisurely drive through decked-out neighborhoods will bring a smile to your face.
House with holiday lights
Photo courtesy New York
Institute of Photography

In the darkest season of the year, light displays lend sparkle to the spirit. All over the country, homeowners, storekeepers and entire municipalities show their artistic and spiritual creativity with displays that will tickle your heart. A drive through these showcases also will bring your family closer.

The Light Tradition

Almost every faith celebrated its holiest days with lights. Pagans celebrate the longest night giving way to lengthening days with candles and other light-bringing rituals. Jews find special meaning in lighting candles on menorahs during the eight days of Hanukkah. The Festival of Lights commemorates the rededication of the Temple and the temple oil that burned miraculously for eight days. Christians decorate with lights to evoke the star of Bethlehem and the birth of their savior, the "Light of the World," Jesus.

Whatever faith your family follows, incorporate a new tradition of piling in the car together for a decoration drive on one special night when the neighborhoods, shopping districts, town squares, and city plazas are ablaze with lights both grand and small.

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