Front Door Christmas Decorating Ideas

Need inspiration for your door decorations this Christmas? Deck your front door with simple and traditional wreaths, fun stockings, festive garlands, and more.

By Holly D'Anna

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Picture frame decoration
Picture Frame Front Door Decoration

    Instead of putting a wreath on your front door, accent your door knocker with a festive picture frame. Hang a golden picture frame over your door knocker, and dress it up with small red berries, holiday ribbon, and more of your favorite Christmas decorations.

Traditional Wreath and Garland

    For a simple and classic look on your front porch, use a traditional evergreen wreath and garland with red accents, and hang white icicle lights above the entryway.

Vintage Ice Skates Front Door Decoration

    A pair of vintage ice skates filled with tiny wrapped gift boxes makes a fun and creative front door decoration. Put the look together in a wintry blue color scheme, pictured, or use a more traditional red-and-green combination.

Garden-Inspired Garland

    This large, leafy garland and matching front door swag is made from evergreen branches, pinecones, berries, apples, magnolia leaves, and festive holiday ribbon. Use it as inspiration for your front door or add your favorite festive elements.

    Editor's Tip: Purchase a long evergreen garland to serve as the base, then use floral pins and hot glue to secure embellishments.

Inviting Holiday Front Porch

    Welcome visitors with a petite Christmas tree on your porch and a simple white stocking front door decoration. For the Christmas tree, use strands of white lights and a few well-placed silver ornament balls that can withstand the elements. To make the stocking decoration, simply hot-glue a few white stockings together and hang with a thick silk ribbon.

Scrapbook Paper Doorknob Wreath

    This festive doorknob wreath is made from scraps of scrapbook paper and cardstock with holiday colors and prints. Cut the pieces with a circle die-cut (found in crafts stores) in various sizes, and glue or tape the circles together in a wreath shape.

    Editor's Tip: To make your wreath outdoor-ready, coat it with decoupage medium.

Wreath with Roses and Ribbon

    Personalize a plain holiday wreath on your front door with faux white roses, pinecones, blue ribbon, and a simple message, such as "Give Thanks." Small light blue flowers and green and purple berries also make great accents for this creative wreath.

Mini Christmas Tree Front Door Decoration

    Hang a tote bag made from a linen dishtowel, Christmas ribbon, and silver bells on your front door. Sew the sides of a folded dish towel to make a pouch, then fill it with a pine sapling in a plastic bag (with damp cheesecloth wrapped around the roots) to make a unique door statement.

Traditional Red-and-Green Christmas Porch Decorations

    Add colorful accents to your front porch with red flowers (we like holiday poinsettias) and a Christmas wreath with a red bow to match. Play up the symmetry by placing the same number of decorations on either side of the door, whether they are potted flowers or other Christmas greenery.

Season's Greetings Front Door Decoration

    Hang a holiday message on your front door with this festive front door decoration. Write the message on a thin piece of wood and hang with a red ribbon tied into a bow on top of two crossed wooden spoons. Small Christmas ornaments with intricate designs make perfect accents.

Shimmering Star Christmas Wreath

    Give a traditional Christmas wreath a sparkling touch by placing a large silver star in the center. Drape a garland with a string of Christmas lights around your front door, and add some extra glow with two lit candles in simple outdoor containers.

Stocking and Garland Front Door Decoration

    This classic over-the-door garland frames a stuffed stocking to add an interesting touch to a traditional look. Stuff a plain stocking with berries, evergreen, and small pinecones and hang it with ribbon from the middle of the front door. Arrange a simple garland decorated with pinecones around the door frame, and complete the scene with two miniature Christmas trees in matching pots with pinecones at the base.

Tied Twigs Front Door Decoration

    This easy-to-make Christmas front door decoration can be put together in minutes with a bunch of thin twigs all about the same length, a sprig of leaves, and a thick red ribbon. Hang from your front door to substitute for a wreath or to add to your other Christmas front door decorations.

Matching Wreaths with Ribbon

    Make a double front door stand out this year with identical evergreen wreaths accented with flowing yellow and red ribbon.

    Editor's Tip: Use over-the-door hangers for your Christmas wreaths and decorations to avoid putting nails in the front door.

Festive Doorknob Decoration

    Greet holiday guests with a festive doorknob decoration made from burlap ribbon, evergreen, and small pinecones. Fold over the top of the burlap ribbon, and then cut a slit through both layers to slide over a doorknob. Attach cork stick-on letters to spell out "Welcome." Finish the arrangement with live greens and pinecones.

Tropical Christmas Front Door

    Add some fruity flair to your traditional Christmas decorations by using unexpected embellishments. Hang a traditional evergreen wreath on your front door, lean birch logs against the house, and stick with the classic red-and-green color scheme with various plants in pots. For the finishing touch, place pineapples above your door to add tropical flair.

Quilted Bag Front Door Decoration

    Hang a quilted bag with a Christmas pattern and fill it with evergreen branches, berries, pinecones, and your favorite Christmas decorations for a festive wreath alternative on your front door.

Modern Christmas Wreath

    This unconventional wreath, fashioned from a silver dish and a cluster of brightly colored ornaments, gives your holiday door a modern look. Hang it from your door with an equally bright colored ribbon to make your front door stand out.

Three-Wreath Holiday Door

    Sometimes one wreath isn't enough. Hang three on your front door this year, placing the biggest one in the middle and two smaller ones above and below. Use plenty of ribbon for color accents or hang red wreaths directly on top of the green ones for a bold look.

Traditional Christmas Wreath Decoration

    Stick with the classic Christmas front door decoration and hang a medium-size wreath with a bright red bow in the middle. Boxwood wreaths like this one add pretty texture to the display.

Traditional Colors for the Front Door

    Play up the traditional Christmas red-and-green color scheme with a modern spin. If you have a green door, accent it with an all-red wreath and place your favorite bright red flowers on the front porch. Poinsettias would make this scene particularly festive. Don't have a green door? Play around with other color schemes, such as white and blue (good for lighter doors) or silver and gold (good for darker doors).

Festive Winter Sled Decoration

    Lean a vintage wooden sled against your house next to the front door and decorate it with a small garland, pinecones, ornaments, and a bright red bow.

Stacked Christmas Presents

    To make your front porch pop with color, wrap multiple boxes of different sizes in brightly colored wrapping paper, dress them up with festive bows and place them on either side of your front door in garden planters. A wreath on each door adds welcome cheer to the display.

    Editor's Tip: Have blankets ready to toss over the gift-wrap display in case of wet weather, or take them inside on a snowy or rainy day.

Cheery Front Porch

    Keep your front porch bright and cheery this Christmas with a well-lit Christmas tree. Wood rocking chairs on either side of the tree will make your front porch even more inviting.

Pinecone Christmas Swag

    Fashion a unique door display from large pinecones attached to red-and-white boat rope with a hot-glue. Add a touch of putty behind each pinecone if you don?t want them knocking against your door.


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