Make a Felt Mitten and Ice Skate Ornament

Personalize your evergreen with these playful felt mitten ornaments, perfect for the ice-skating enthusiast.

What You Need

Mini mitten ornaments

  • Tracing paper
  • Fine-tip pen
  • 4-inch square of lightweight cardboard
  • 8-x-14-inch piece of felt
  • Contrasting pearl cotton
  • 3-3/4-inch length of 3/4-inch-wide white fur trim
  • Polyester fiberfill


How to Make It

  1. Trace the mitten pattern onto tracing paper; cut out the shape.
  2. Trace the shape onto cardboard and cut out.
  3. Fold the felt in half lengthwise to measure 4 x 14 inches.
  4. Use a fine-tip pen to trace the cardboard mitten onto the folded felt; up to four mittens will fit.
  5. Machine-sew through both layers of felt on the traced lines, leaving the straight edge unstitched. Cut out the mitten close to the stitching and on the top line.
  6. Blanket-stitch on the curved edges of the mitten using pearl cotton.
  7. Hand-sew fur trim around the top of the mitten, trimming the fur as desired.
  8. Add a pearl cotton hanging loop.
  9. Stuff the mitten with fiberfill.

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