How to Make a Flocked Ornament

A velvet rub-on transfer quickly dresses up a glass ornament adding textural interest and trendy design to a simple shape.

What You Need

One hanging green & black ornament

  • Damask fuzzy rub-on images
  • 3-inch-diameter glass or plastic ornaments
  • Rub-on applicator stick

How to Make It

  1. Cut out the desired rub-on from the sheet of rub-on images.
  2. Remove the protective acetate and position the rub-on, fuzzy side down, over the ornament.
  3. Use the applicator stick to adhere the damask design onto the ornament by rubbing over the background paper.
  4. Work vertically, horizontally, and then diagonally, and be sure to rub over the entire design area.
  5. Gently pull the background paper away from the ornament, revealing the damask design underneath.