Unique Ornaments to Craft for Christmas

Keep these handmade Christmas ornaments for yourself or use them as one-of-a-kind gifts.

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Heart-shaped ornaments
Heartfelt Ornaments

    Spread your love this holiday season with heart shapes that brighten a bowl, your tree, or gift packages. Iron-on fabric scraps and a few embroidery stitches make the designs easy to craft in multiples.

Sheet Music Ornaments

    Add a musical note to your Christmas tree with these quick-to-craft paper ornaments. All you need is some sheet music, some thread, and our helpful pattern.

Beaded Beauties

    Make plain glass ball ornaments pop with beads and buttons. Place a rubber band around a glass ball ornament so it's slightly below the desired bead and button position. Secure small beads and buttons to the ornament with 5-minute epoxy, using the rubber band as a guide. Let the epoxy set; remove the rubber band.


    Tiny bouquets of fresh flowers will give your tree an old-fashioned look.

Stunning Silhouette

    Old-fashioned silhouettes are popular once again. Using a photo as a guide, trace a silhouette onto black paper and cut it out. Line the back of a small frame with decorative paper, then glue the silhouette on top. Hang with a pretty ribbon.

Festive Facets

    Papier-mache goes from plain to pretty in minutes. Paint a six-sided ornament with blue or sage crafts paint; let dry, Dry-brush the ornament with silver paint; let dry. Turn the ornament upside down so the string is at the bottom; tie on a crystal. Glue ribbon down the middle of each side. Allow one of the ribbons to make a loop on the ornament top for the hanger.

Flights of Fancy

    Detailed with glittery scroll wings and rhinestone eyes, these chipboard birds alight as fanciful trims on your Christmas tree.

Bird Ornament

    Browse a clip-art library to find images of birds, and transfer them onto fabric to make a flock of ornaments for the tree.

Crocheted Snowflake

    Create a playful display on your tree with lighthearted ornaments like this retro-inspired crocheted snowflake.