Holiday Trends

Find out what's in for Christmas.
The Colors of Christmas

Break out the bows and unravel the strings of lights, it's time to start decking the halls for Christmas 2005! Looking for a little inspiration? Read on for this year's top holiday decorating and entertaining trends and steal some stylish ideas for your own home.

Red Is Still Hot!


Classic crimson is one Christmas hue that never goes out of style. This year, though, expect to see red mixed with colors other than traditional green. Eye-catching combinations like red and purple or even red and black will be popular for 2005. Another trendy way to go red: Layer different shades -- from bright cherry to sophisticated Bordeaux -- for a dramatic monochromatic look.

Jewel Tones Are Priceless


"People are moving away from mild tones and toward rich color," says New York City-based event planner Harriette Rose Katz. "I'm seeing a lot of jewel tones -- burgundies, purples, royal blues -- used in combination this year." Put away the pastels of seasons past and indulge in richly colored fabrics for tablecloths, tree skirts, and more.

Green Gets Fresh


Green is a traditional holiday favorite but this year it gets a modern update. Bright, nature-inspired greens from apple to lime to kiwi are popping up in place of the more traditional deep greens of past Christmases. Pair one of these stylish green shades with red for a fun twist on tradition.

Neutrals Add Drama

Black was back in a big way on fall fashion runways and it's making its way onto the holiday scene as a striking complement to red, gold, and white. Another trendy way to use neutrals: Pair gray with white or black for a fresh look. Also, consider swapping traditional silver accents for up-to-the-minute pewter and grays.

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