Make an Embossed Snowflake Ornament

Top your Christmas gifts with embossed snowflakes that are almost as easy to make as snowballs.

What You Need

Little girl dressed in white holding silver & white gifts

How To Make It

  1. Transfer a snowflake pattern onto blue card stock and cut out using a crafts knife.
  2. Mix 1 part embossing powder with 2 parts crafts glue. Using a finger, apply the mixture to one side of the snowflake.
  3. Heat the mixture with the heat tool until it bubbles. Sprinkle more embossing powder over the surface while the mixture is wet.
  4. When the surface has cooled, tap off the excess embossing powder on a paper plate.
  5. Heat the surface a second time with the heat tool. When the embossed surface is cool, repeat for the opposite side of the snowflake.
  6. Apply a grommet to the snowflake, following the manufacturer's instructions.
  7. Thread white ribbon through the grommet for the hanging loop.