Gifts That Give Back

Embrace an attitude of gratitude this holiday season with gifts that bring joy to the people in your life and give back to those in need.

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Let us show you how to make one of the hottest items on the grocery shelf. This cookie butter is simple to make and goes great with some apples or toast.

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Decorate with What You Have for Christmas

Deck the halls this Christmas by repurposing items you already have on hand. Getting creative with your existing decorations and accessories lets you give your home a new and festive look this holiday season without spending a lot of money.

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Always-refreshing ginger beer takes a fruity turn with the added splash of pomegranate.

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Cute Needle-Felted Snowman Ornament

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Popular in Christmas

Christmas Star Ornaments

These easy-to-make star ornaments are sure to light the way to a joyful holiday. Use them as embellishments on your Christmas gifts or for added sparkle on your tree.

Bright Felt Star Ornaments

These star ornaments will sparkle when you add light-catching rhinestones and glass buttons to the felt.


  1. Cut progressively smaller stars for the ornaments from dark blue, aqua, and white felt. (Our biggest star is 4x5/8-inches wide.) Cut progressively smaller flower and circle shapes from different colors of felt, referring to the photo as a guide.
  2. Embellish the largest flower with French knots. Stitch a rhinestone button to the smallest blue circle, then sew a small glass button to each point of the star ornament.
  3. When you're finished adding the embellishments, stack the felt shapes, working from largest to smallest, and adhere together with fabric glue.
  4. Thread a ribbon trhough the shank of one of the small glass buttons to hang the star ornament.

Chipboard Santa Star Ornaments

Scrapbookers and Christmas crafters will adore making these simple paper-and-chipboard star ornaments.


  1. Cut out old sheet music and glue to the glossy white side of a small chipboard star. Using an ink-blending tool, blend red ink onto the sheet-music-covered star, starting at the edges.
  2. Print a Santa face from a clip art website, cut out, and secure to the center of the star with two adhesive dots.
  3. Make the banner by cutting a 1/2x3-1/2-inch strip from ecru print scrapbooking paper. Cut an inverted V into each end of the strip, then accordion-fold the ends. Print a holiday phrase (we used "Merry Christmas") on ecru paper and cut to fit slightly smaller than the banner. Glue the strip to the banner; add the banner across Santa's beard.
  4. Cover a large chipboard star with double-sided adhesive tape; trim excess. adhere the small star to the center of the large star with two adhesive dots. Sprinkle ultrafine German glass glitter over the large star, shaking off excess.
  5. Punch a hole in the top and add a wire-hanging loop to display this sparkling star ornament on your tree.

Silvery Snowflake Star Ornaments

Already feathered with metallic sheen, silver chenille stems just need a little twist to become enchanting, easy-to-make snowflake star ornaments.


  1. Gather seven chenille stems. Coil one of the stems by pinching one end, then rolling it in toward the other for the center of the snowflake star ornament.
  2. Fold the other six chenille stems to form the desired shape you'd like your snowflake star ornament to make. Twist one end of each of the six together, then hot-glue the coiled stem to the center of the twisted stems.
  3. Seal the ends with hot glue to hold the shape in place; let dry. Hang the star ornament on your tree with a small length of metallic cord.

Foam Star Ornaments and Other Ideas

Make a standout three-dimensional star ornament from thin sheets of crafting foam with our simple pattern. Get the materials, instructions, and pattern needed for this star ornament project below.

See the how-to and get the pattern.

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