Tabletop Decorating Ideas

Make your table a feast for the eyes with these fast decorating tips that add sparkle and life to any meal.
Sparkling Settings

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Put on the ritz with a large
variety of colorful costume

Give holiday table settings a creative and unexpected twist by putting your costume jewelry to work. Large bracelets make perfect napkin rings, and necklaces add panache to hurricane lamps. If a necklace is too short to drape around the hurricane lamp, use fine wire to extend it.

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This table -- decorated with
inexpensive rhinestone
look-alikes -- sparkles with
glitz and glamour.

For a romantic, dressy table -- perhaps a New Year's Eve dinner for two or four -- layer on the rhinestone jewelry: Drape a silver candelabra with necklaces and earrings and scatter large rhinestones (or crafts-store look-alikes) around the table to catch the light.

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