Fun July 4th Dessert: Berry Flag Tart

The star of your patriotic menu will be this flag-shape dessert featuring bright red raspberries, tart blueberries, and dough cut in stripes and star shapes. Despite the masterpiece finish, it's actually quite simple to make.

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Easy 4th of July Decorations

Decorate your home in the spirit of Independence Day with our red, white, and blue 4th of July decorations. From flags to fireworks, these easy decorations cover every July 4th theme you can think of -- and they're cute to boot.

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Our Favorite July 4th Recipes

Take the guesswork out of creating a delicious spread of 4th of July food. Our July 4th entrees (hot dogs! ribs!), drinks (punch! sangria!), side dishes (fruit and pasta salads!), and desserts (mmm, pie) make organizing a patriotic potluck a breeze.

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Festive July 4th Desserts

Celebrate Independence Day with these festive 4th of July desserts! With star-shape scones and piecrusts, tempting tarts, colorful shakes, and fresh berries, these recipes for 4th of July desserts are sure to stand out at your patriotic celebration.

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Easy 4th of July Party Ideas

Gather your friends and use these patriotic decorating, entertaining, and recipe ideas for this year's 4th of July celebration. From festive star banners and refreshing watermelon coolers to raveworthy party favors and more, your 4th of July party is bound to be summer's biggest shindig.

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4th of July Cake Recipes

Headed to a 4th of July potluck? Cakes are a dreamy way to end the day (well, that and fireworks), and our collection of berry-topped cakes, lush chocolate cakes, swirled sprinkle cakes, and layered red velvet cakes are worth their own oohs and aahs.

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Coconut Cream Island Punch

Make our DIY party cocktail -- that includes just a few tasty ingredients -- for an adults-only drink everyone can agree on. Cut-up star fruit provides a gorgeous base inside your drink pitcher.

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Speedy Christmas Decorating

No time for Christmas decorating? Last-minute party prep? Check out these speedy ideas for decking your halls in style.


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    • Double Duty

      Create a splashy showcase for your favorite Christmas ornaments by perching them atop assorted candlesticks. Unify the display by using ornaments with a similar color palette and candlesticks that are similar in color or shape.

      Editor's Tip: Keep fragile ornaments stable by using museum wax or Tacky Wax (check crafts stores or online) to anchor them to the candlesticks.

    • Seasonal Fashion

      Give an ordinary pillow a touch of Christmas style with holiday-theme silk scarves. Wrap scarves around a pillow to resemble a package, and tie the ends together in a pretty bow. Hand-stitch the bow to the pillow to secure if desired. Use red satin ribbon to tie large red jingle bells to the center of the bow. Knot the ribbon ends and trim with scissors.

    • Christmas Ephemera

      Dress up a tabletop in a snap by arranging vintage Christmas ephemera, such as cards and gift tags, in a tray along with a few Christmas accessories. Throughout the season, add this year's holiday greetings to the display as they arrive in the mail.

    • Poinsettia Tree

      Transform bare branches into a cheery Christmas display. Arrange branches in a large urn or other container, anchoring them in a block of florist's foam or pebbles. Hot-glue a silk poinsettia to the top of a glass ornament. Thread ribbon through the ornament hanger and hang from a branch. Make several poinsettia-adorned ornaments to add pops of color to the arrangement. Add icicle ornaments for extra sparkle.

      Editor's Tip: To use real poinsettias, remove the hanger top from the ornament. Set ornament atop a drinking glass to hold it steady. Cut a length of ribbon and glue the ends to each side on the opening (allowing an opening for water), using fast-drying waterproof adhesive. Fill the ornament with a little bit of water, insert poinsettia branch, and use the ribbon to hang from a branch.

    • Dressed for the Holidays

      Add Christmas sparkle to a room by suspending glass or silver ornaments from a chandelier.

      Editor's Tip: We used a variety of pretty ribbon for this project, but a single type of ribbon to unify the display would work, too.

    • Instant Glamour

      Add some bling to a plain Christmas stocking by pinning an antique brooch to the cuff.

      Editor's Tip: Create a similar look by adding a small ornament or jingle bell.

    • Rung by Rung

      An old ladder mimics the function of a Christmas tree when festooned with ribbon, bows, and pretty ornaments. Decked out in blue and white, this display can last all winter. Simply remove the Christmas-theme ornaments and leave the snowflakes and crystal baubles in place.

    • Curtain Call

      For a seasonal window treatment, drape strands of beaded garland over a curtain rod, securing them with tape on the back. Wire elegant glass ornaments to the garland, and hot-glue sprigs of greenery to the ornament tops.

    • Take a Message

      Write a holiday greeting on a mirror with temporary window paint (available at crafts stores). Follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure the paint can be removed after the season.

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      Silver Beads Sparkling in Candlelight

      Glistening silver balls and beads reflect the golden glow of candlelight in this sophisticated centerpiece. Fill a bowl with shiny ornaments, then pack in white and ivory candles of various sizes. Drizzle the arrangement with silver beads, allowing some to flow over the edges of the bowl.

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      Let Your Spirit Bloom

      This easy-to-make ornament uses a florist's foam ball and carnations to add a touch of elegance and fresh fragrance.

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      Holiday in the Hills

      Skip the flammable cotton snow and use inverted bowls to lend a little alpine elevation to your Christmas village. A swag of greenery creates a perfect border to showcase the scene.

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      Fresh Family Tree

      Show off your special family photos by entwining them between the branches and berries of some holiday sprigs and greenery.

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      Dewy Decorations

      Tiny crystal prisms and balls look almost like morning dew on this blend of rustic pinecones and silver balls.

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      Spiral Sparkles

      This mix of old and new chandelier crystals sparkle beautifully on a wire tree. Originally created to show off traditional ornaments, this free-flowing form lets the crystals catch and reflect the light. Add crystal garlands to fill in any empty spaces.

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      Barrowed Space

      Fill a miniature wheelbarrow with ornaments to give a holiday touch to a sideboard or buffet table. Accent the display with some small candles and a fresh swag of greenery.

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      Planting Some Holiday Spirit

      Houseplants look more festive with a layer of moss over the dirt and a sprinkling of holiday ornaments. Hot-glue the ornaments to the moss to ensure they don't roll away.

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      Natural Light

      Nestle soft-color candles in a bed of mixed nuts and tiny red ornaments set on a tray for easy ambience.

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      Simple Stripes

      Stuff iconic candy canes into a decorative bowl or flowerpot, and add red-and-white stripe ribbon for a coordinating touch.

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      Dressed Up Doorknob

      Tie a bit of velvet and a sprig of holly onto a doorknob for a fun holiday touch. Satin ribbon streamers tipped with little sleigh bells from a crafts store would look great, too.

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      Fast & Simple Centerpiece

      Tie a large festive ribbon around a punch bowl and surround it with a fresh pine wreath to create a quick, easy, and elegant centerpiece.

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      Surprising Spaces

      Use ribbon to tie decorations in unexpected places, such as on the backs of chairs, on doorknobs, around vases, or on candlesticks.

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      A Snowy Side Table

      This 36-inch white tree found at a crafts store is simply decorated with tiny red ornaments. The pot is wrapped with a folded dinner napkin secured with a belt of ribbon. A new dishtowel or wrapping paper would work just as well. Mini pearl-like baubles fill in around the base of the tree.

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      Powder-Room Panache

      Don't neglect your bathroom when decorating for the holidays. Twin candles, vintage ornaments, and a beaded garland dress up a shelf and warmly welcome guests.

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      Stocking Options

      No fireplace? Hang stockings from stair railings, doorknobs, bookshelves, or the backs of chairs. Until the big day arrives, stuff the bottom with a roll of tissue or bubble wrap, then nestle a tiny gift, candy cane, and greenery into the top.

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      Tiny Trees

      Miniature trees -- vintage or new -- add magic to a room. Create arrangements around ordinary objects (like these books) on tables and bookshelves. Give the trees added interest by putting them in bowls or by gluing on small crafts-store ornaments.

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      Pinecone Vase

      Pinecones have natural appeal, so show them off in clear vases or decorative bowls. We added a handful of ornaments for a bit of color, and tied a sheer ribbon around the center of the container.

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      Holiday on Ice

      A gathering of friends is cause for celebration. Chill sparkling wine on a bed of frozen cranberries. Star-shape ice cubes add extra twinkle.

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      Mitten Bags

      If you want to send party guests home with a few goodies, skip the conventional paper gift bag for something more creative, such as these fuzzy mittens, which also will make a nice table display for your party.

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      Bright Blooms

      Spotlight snowy white flowers with tall tapers. A drop of wax at the bottom of a cylindrical vase secures the candle before adding water. For safety, cut flowers several inches taller than candles.

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      Pretty Panes

      Swaddled in cheesecloth, white tree lights give off a diffused glow. Swag the cloth over a window frame, then festoon the corners with satin ribbon and silver foliage.

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      For More Holiday Decorating...

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      Spatulas, muffin tins, dishtowels, and more -- incorporate them into your Christmas decorating for a unique look this season.
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