Christmas Holly Bead Napkin Rings

Bring Christmas cheer to your table with colorful panache. Pretty beads are wired into a holly sprig and added to a napkin ring along with a bright bow.

What You'll Need

Holly Bead Napkin Rings

How to Make It

1. For each napkin ring cut a 7-inch length of ribbon; tie the ribbon in a bow.

2. Cut a 12-inch length of jewelry wire. String three red beads onto the wire; secure in the center by twisting wire ends together. One at a time, string green beads and fasten to red beads by twisting wire. Twist the two ends of wire together to secure. Trim excess wire and bend the ends into the center of a bead.

3. Using hot glue, adhere a ribbon bow to each napkin ring, then hot-glue a beaded holly to the center of each bow.

4. Place the ring around a napkin and tuck a wrapped candy cane behind the napkin ring.