Holiday Decorating in Red and Green

Update traditional Christmas colors with fresh and unexpected touches.


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    • Classic Christmas Chic

      Lime green adds a punch of designer color to a traditional red-and-green Christmas palette. A touch of this bright color lets you update holiday decorating without starting over.

    • Grand Entrance

      Greet your guests with dramatic green topiaries in oversize containers. Fill in the base with fresh evergreens and red berries for a pop of color, and hang a simple, matching wreath on the door.

    • A Pop of Color

      Trees sparkle more with a few well-placed accents of lime green. Make these easy ornaments by hot-gluing gathered velvet ribbon to both sides of a cardboard disk. Add tiny covered buttons at the centers for dressmaker detailing.

    • Gift-wrapped Pillows

      For a sofa-full of presents, wrap pillows with wire-edge ribbon, tied off in a big bow. Add a purchased tassel for an elegant finishing touch.

    • Harlequin Stockings

      Designer stockings in quilted red velvet hold presents as well as more traditional stockings. Finish the tops by sewing on satin triangles in two colors and trim with tassels, ball fringe, and fluffy marabou feathers or faux fur.

    • Lavish Detail

      Pleated-ribbon pinwheels look elegant on the tree and stylishly tailored on a gift box. Hot-glue the pleated ribbon to a cardboard circle, covering the center with a smaller ribbon-covered circle edged with trim.

    • Wrapped in Style

      These beautifully wrapped packages, topped with pleated ribbon accents, are worth the wait to open them. Accent the ribbons with covered buttons or sparkly fashion pins.

    • Generous Greens

      Plentiful greenery adds luxury to this dining-room mantel, where layered garlands complement a matching wreath. Add more greenery at the window, to the chandelier, and at the back of chairs.

    • Informal Florals

      A mixed bouquet is a natural choice for do-it-yourself designers. Look for a variety of flower shapes, and keep the color palette simple. Here, white roses, stock, ranunculus and red tulips combine with lime-green foliage.

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      Deck the Chairs

      Surprise dinner guests with cheerful arrangements of greens and berries tied to the back of their chairs. Secure the natural materials with ribbon in fresh-lime green and red.

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      Add Color to the table

      Adorn a simple tablecloth with stripes, made of ribbon and matching tassel trim sewn along the sides. Unfurl a Christmas-red runner down the center of the table for even more color.

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      Merry Mantel

      Create a fireplace focal point by tucking greenery into the spaces between items on the mantel. This colorful arrangement also contains ornaments, berries, and dozens of twinkling white lights.

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      Designer Boxes

      Wrap boxes with layerd ribbons in different widths; then add another layer of translucent velum paper. This velum was printed with a scanned pencil drawing of a wreath.

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