Fun & Festive Holiday Color Schemes

Break out of the red and green rut with pretty holiday color schemes that will wow your guests.

Veronica Toney

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Black, white, and green chair
Black + White + Green

    Dress your home in black, white, and green for an unexpected holiday scheme. Add crisp white runners to side chairs and top them with green accent pillows for a pop of color. Finish with a present wrapped in black and white. For added seasonal decor, arrange tree branches in tall glass cylinders filled with rock-salt crystals. Embellish the indoor trees with artificial white doves.

Light Blue + Chocolate

    Take a cue from the frosty weather outside and dress your home in icy blue. Pair it with hot chocolate brown for a modern holiday color scheme. Wrap boxes of varying sizes in blue paper and tie with brown ribbon. Place "presents" around the room for easy decor.

Peacock Blue + Kelly Green + Silver

    For a cool color scheme, mix Kelly green with peacock blue and silver. To create this festive topiary, remove the caps from glass or plastic ball ornaments and attach the ornaments to a foam ball with hot glue. Insert a dowel into the foam ball. Tightly wrap the dowel in ribbon, stopping before you reach the bottom. Fill a hobnail vase or other container half-full with modeling clay; insert dowel. Top clay with marbles.

Cobalt + Orange

    Blue is a popular holiday color, especially for Hanukkah, so kick it up a notch with orange. Dress gifts in blue wrapping paper and ribbons made from orange rickrack. If you have trouble finding orange wrapping paper, use scrapbooking paper -- it's available in a bevy of colors year-round.

Red + Orange + Gold + Green + Blue + Purple

    Celebrate this season with all the colors of the rainbow. The bright hues are perfect for adding holiday cheer to a table. Create mini trees and wreaths out of ball ornaments. Remove ornament caps and hot-glue balls onto foam shapes.

Pink + Green

    Typically thought of as a springtime combination, pink and green will add cheer to your home during dreary winter months. For this bright centerpiece, place a metallic bottle-brush tree in a heavy planter, weight as necessary with rocks or gravel, then cover the base with fake moss.

Teal + Cranberry

    Twist a classic color combination with cranberry and teal. For an easy tablescape, cover your table with a teal tablecloth and create place cards from family photos. First copy photos onto red paper. Make a cardboard frame for each photo and attach photo to the back of the frame. Place each framed image in a holiday-inspired photo clip or place card holder.

Violet + Green

    Add a regal flair to your holiday decor by replacing red with violet. Use ball ornaments, silk flowers, and wisps of green foliage. To make this wreath, attach the embellishments to a crafts foam wreath with floral picks. As a finishing touch, loop and tuck thin green ribbon between the clusters. All supplies can be found at a crafts store.

Gold + Silver + White

    Metallics add glamour to every setting, so jazz up your holiday decor with silver and gold. Pair them with winter white for a magical color scheme. Accent your mantel with snowflake garland. Find plastic snowflakes at a crafts store and spray-paint them silver and gold. For a dramatic look, glue silver and gold snowflakes together. Attach snowflakes to strings of beads purchased by the yard. Add a white feather boa to complete the mantel decoration.

Magenta + Teal + Silver

    Match up magenta, teal, and silver for a bright color scheme. Fill an antique silver urn with glass or plastic ball ornaments of varying sizes. Top with a silver painted dove or other nature-inspired ornament. Place on a coffee or dining table for instant holiday decor.

Red + White + Blue

    You've heard of Christmas in July, but now bring the spirit of July to your Christmas decor. Red, white, and blue is a classic color scheme that suits the holiday. Create stockings from red and blue felt. Embellish with snowflake appliques. Attach stockings to antique wooden skis or other cold-weather icons for a winter scene.

Black + White

    Black and white is a classic color combo. Fill clear vases in a variety of shapes with "snow" or white sand found at a crafts store. Place the vases around the room for seasonal charm.

Sapphire + Emerald + Gold

    Rich jewel tones are perfect for celebrations, and what's a bigger celebration than the holidays? Sapphire blue and emerald green are both regal and festive. Wrap boxes in various sizes with these jewel tones. Adorn wrapped boxes with sapphire, emerald, or gold ribbons, Alternate between mixed and tone-on-tone combinations as well as silk, satin, and sheer wire-ribbon styles. Place decorative boxes around the room.

Red + Gold

    Give your holiday decor a regal touch with a red-and-gold color scheme. Place creamy plates on gold chargers and wrap red-and-white fabric napkins with red ribbon. Add a red berry twig to each place setting for special touch.

Red + White

    Take a color cue from a favorite holiday treat. Peppermint red and white make a fun and fresh Christmas color scheme. To make this wreath, wrap clear string lights around a wreath form and hot-glue red-and-white fish bobbers of various sizes to the form. Finish with a ribbon bow inspired by peppermint.

Red + Green + a Twist

    Red and green is a Christmas classic. If it's still your favorite color combo, mix it up with shades and tints of the two colors. To make these festive cones, cut out circles from scrapbooking paper in metallic red, pink, lime green, and hunter and attach to a foam cone found at a crafts store.

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