Candles & Leaves

Positioned in rustic wood holders, hand-dipped candles and wax-coated leaves bring the outdoors in.
Hand-Dipped Candles

The holders can be made easily by drilling a hole in a small piece of wood that stands upright. Make the holes slightly larger in diameter than your candles.

What You Need:

Nature Lover's Candles and Leaves Handmade candles add a special

  • Candle wax
  • Hammer
  • Chisel or screwdriver
  • Small pail
  • Old tin can
  • Hot plate or stove
  • Old saucepan
  • Candle wicking
  • 1-inch dowel or broomstick for hanging


1. Break wax into small pieces using hammer and chisel. Place wax into old tin can and place can in water in saucepan. Water should be at least 1/3 the depth of the pan. Place pan over low to medium heat. Water will bubble and melt wax in can. NEVER put can of wax directly on the burner. After the wax is melted, remove the can and the saucepan from the stove and place it on a covered surface.

2. Cut a piece of candle wicking twice the length of desired candle plus 6 inches.

Step 1

3. Dip candle wicking. Fill pail at least 3/4 full of very cold water. Holding wicking in middle, dip wick into hot wax, then into cold water (Step 1). At first, little wax seems to stay on wicking, but after dipping a few times, candles will start to form (Step 2).

Step 2

By holding wick in the middle, you create two candles. Be sure to keep candles separated while dipping. Repeat, dipping candles back and forth from wax to water until the desired thickness is obtained.

Step 4

4. Let candles dry. Hang candles over a suspended dowel or broomstick until dry.

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