Easy Table Toppers

Express your style with your centerpiece -- whether it's clean and simple, elegant and glittery, or traditional.
Apples and Roses

This low centerpiece is perfect for the dining table. Guests won't have to peer through flowers to converse.

What You Need:

Apples and Roses Centerpiece Apples, grapes, and full-blown
roses make an appealing display.

  • 2 footed candle stands with spikes
  • 1 block floral foam
  • Waterproof floral tape or cellophane tape
  • Wooden florist's picks with wires
  • Red or green grapes
  • Green apples
  • 2 dozen white roses (see More Ideas below)


1. Soak the floral foam in water, then cut the block in half. Center one half on each candle stand and push it onto the spike. To keep the floral foam from slipping, secure it to the candle stand with strips of floral tape or cellophane tape.

2. For each arrangement, attach three bunches of grapes to wooden florist's picks. Insert one bunch at each of two corners and insert the third bunch in the center of the opposite side.

3. Snip the wire off a florist's pick, then push the pick into the bottom of an apple. Push picks into floral foam to secure apples to the arrangement. Place them to create a curving line across the front and back of the arrangement or diagonally across the floral foam.

4. Fill in around the apples with roses. Cut the stems so all the rose heads are at about the same height. At the rim of the candle stand, angle the flowers toward the table.

More Ideas:

  • Buy the roses a day or two ahead of the party and let them stand in room-temperature water. They'll be almost fully open when you're ready to arrange them.
  • If a single arrangement looks lonely, make two and place them symmetrically on each side of the center, or make three to five small arrangements and place them along the length of the table.

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