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Christmas Decorating in Red & White

Red and white are a foolproof color duo for the holidays. Make your home merry and bright by decorating with this season's cheeriest colors.


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    • Country Character

      Red and white conjures images of barns and simple living. Give a hallway or foyer country charm with red and white accents. Top a dresser or table with a red floral runner and evergreen swag. Lean a red ladder or quilt rack against a wall and hang stockings from the rungs. The addition of a berry wreath, red tinsel trees, and a white chair topped with a package and ice skates will have you holiday-ready in no time.

    • Red Runner

      Bring the red-and-white color scheme to your kitchen table with a bright table runner accented with seasonal details, such as snowflakes. For a new twist on the traditional table setting, place several runners across the width of the table instead of lengthwise.

    • Traditional Tree

      A simple evergreen is taken out of the corner and into the spotlight with big red and white ball ornaments. A tree with sparse branches gets another punch of holiday color if placed against a white or red wall.

    • Candy Cane Wreath

      The candy cane is a classic red-and-white holiday treat. Use this iconic candy to fashion a fun wreath that looks great hung against a red wall or above a mantel.

    • Snowy Display

      Brighten a drab basement corner or plain white wall with a snowy setup. A red felt wall hanging with big snowflakes match the crafts-foam snowflakes hanging from the ceiling. Place a red chair topped with patterned rain boots for a holiday look.

    • Santa's Stockings

      Stand red-and-white stockings filled with candy canes, evergreen sprigs, and small wrapped boxes tied with green bows against a chair for an easy Christmas decoration.

    • Christmas Cabinetry

      Give red knickknacks a new home in a white dresser or china cabinet. Gather red objects from attic boxes or basement storage, and group them together for an eye-catching decoration. Add Christmas cards, small evergreens, or red ribbons for a classic holiday appeal.

    • Wintery Window Alcove

      This cozy window alcove is just the place to curl up with some hot chocolate and watch the snow fall. Red and white pillows and a wreath add color and comfort to the Christmas season.

    • Beautiful Beading

      Red bead garland isn't just for your tree. Hang long strands of beaded garland from a window valance so they stands out against a white curtain.

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      Bowl of Cheer

      Traditional glass ornaments in classic red and white make a simple and sophisticated decoration when piled in a white bowl or pot.

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      Cheerful Chair

      A single red ornament can have big impact when pinned to the back of a white chair. For a special touch, hang the ornament with satin ribbon.

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      Blanketed Buffet

      Dress your buffet table in red-and-white stripes for your next party. Tie red ribbons around white candles, wrap napkin holders with red paper, and lay a striped table runner to direct attention (and hungry guests).

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      Tabletop Tinsel Tree

      A plain white tinsel or feather tree gets a retro update with a mix of bold red ornaments and traditional embroidered patterns. Placed on a table with a grouping of bright presents, this tree becomes a funky focal point.

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      Seasonal Shell Wreath

      Bring your home seaside with this beachy wreath fit for any season. Glue shells of varying sizes to a foam wreath. Hang it with a beautiful satin ribbon in a subtle shade of red.

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      Red Martini Glasses

      Make a mantel or table sparkle with this trio of dark red martini glasses. Simply tie a white ribbon with red trim at the base of the stemware and insert a tea light into each glass.

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      Playful Pedestal

      When you're not putting your red pedestal dish to use serving delicious treats, use it as a fun table decoration. Layer the dishes with fake snow, then stack the dish with white ornaments and figurines.

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      Bold Bedroom

      Turn any bedroom into a Christmas oasis with a red-and-white checker quilt. Hang a wreath at the foot of the bed, group poinsettias on a nightstand, and set a holiday message surrounded by garland on a mantel or shelf to complete the look.

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      Cranberry Candle Arrangement

      Antique crystal goes from boring to breathtaking with a touch of red. Stack a crystal saucer on a crystal plate. Place a red scented candle in the saucer and arrange fresh cranberries in the saucer and on the plate for a beautiful table topper.

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      Fresh-Picked Focus

      Store-bought scarlet tulips pop amid a bed of fragrant evergreen sprigs tucked into a troughlike urn. The display sits atop a ceramic tray.

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      Pattern Play

      These presents are almost too pretty to open. Using papers in matte, glossy, and sparkly finishes, build piles of picture-perfect packages outfitted with customized name tags.

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      Scintillating Surprises

      In a reinterpretation of the standard fireplace swag, arrange evergreens and mosses in mismatched vintage vessels linked by a common hue. Turning the tide on traditional stockings, a treasure-crammed organizer stitched from homespun fabrics hangs across the mantel.

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      A Merry Memo

      Put your feelings about the season in writing. With acrylic paint and a brush, scrawl an exuberant "Joy" across a silver-frame mirror. White sponge-painted snowballs add a frosty finish to the looking glass, which amplifies the shimmer of discount-store glass candleholders and a crystalline cylinder overflowing with shiny orbs showcased on the sideboard.

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      Good Cheer Greetings

      Preview the red-and-white palette to come by draping an entryway mirror with a garland that's 1 part homemade goodness and 1 part vintage glitz. Decorative star hooks connect ornament-shape cookies with royal icing and red sugar sprinkles to a swag of time-weathered silvery beads.

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      Seasonal Sentiments

      Post Noel-theme notes on a ribbon swag suspended above a kitchen window. After creating the tags on the computer, adorn them with fluffy pom-poms and striped hanging cords.

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