Christmas Cranberry Crafts

Turn the iconic fruit of the holiday season into beautiful Christmas decor with these juicy projects.

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Red and green table decorations napkin tie
Cranberry and Holly Silverware Wrap

    A simple loop of green grosgrain ribbon decorated with a berried holly sprig hugs silverware and a Christmas-red napkin.

Cranberry Monogram Decoration

    Personalize your mantel with cranberry initials. Cut out a cardboard letter of your choice (or purchase a precut letter from a crafts store) and glue cranberries to the surface. Accent the monogram with instant snow for winter flair.

Cranberry Topiaries

    Using half toothpicks, skewer fresh cranberries to various sizes of foam balls, available at local crafts stores. Cover the foam completely with berries. Rest the balls on top of shapely glass, silver, or mercury glass candlesticks to create statuesque topiaries.

Cranberry Candle Arrangement

    Cranberries floating above holly leaves-and-berries in a water-filled glass bowl encircle a centerpiece candle like a wreath. Evergreen branches and a cranberry garland finish the table decoration.

Cranberry-Inspired Christmas Table

    Holly sprigs, fresh evergreens, and vivid cranberries are the perfect classic combination for a holiday table.

Winter Wool

    Create fun goody bags by cinching up felt circles and tying them with ribbon. Glue pinecones and berries to the ribbon ends for a festive look. Pair the gifts with homespun place mats made from matching felt.

Floating Candle Display with Cranberries

    Make an amazing candle display with cranberries and water. Place a silk rosebud in the bottom of a vase (place small weights inside the bloom) and then slowly fill the vessel halfway with water. Gently place a handful of cranberries on top of the water and then add a floating votive to the center.

Cranberry Mod Trees

    Whip up a forest of these miniature trees in an afternoon. Use pearl-head pins to attach cranberries to a foam cone. Start at the top and then spiral the fruits around the cone down to the base.

Cranberry and Christmas Cookie Garland

    This tasty garland features star-shape cookies strung between a traditional popcorn-and-cranberry garland.

Cranberry-Covered Christmas Ornament Balls

    Let naturally bright red cranberries add dimension and texture to the Christmas tree with these easy-to-create ornaments.

Cranberry-Wrapped Candle

    Assemble a pretty centerpiece in no time with a pillar candle and fresh cranberries.

Cranberry-Inspired Entryway

    Dress up your entryway with a cranberry wreath and planters. String cranberries on thin florist's wire and make circular ornaments and ropes to weave throughout your outdoor decorations.

Simple Cranberry Garland

    String fresh berries into a simple garland using a needle and monofilament line. Intersperse wooden beads for variation in texture and to stretch your supply of fresh cranberries. Drape the garland into loose swags from small nails or hooks in the mantel.

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