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Add Warmth with Holiday Greenery

Seasonal greenery and fresh flowers add simple elegance to Thanksgiving and Christmas decorating. These fresh ideas will have your home looking its best, naturally.


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    • Fresh Greens and Candlelight

      White-on-white color scheme gains texture and impact with the addition of fragrant evergreens and white roses. Flickering candles and a cheery fire warm up the scene.

    • Understated Naturals

      A family living room's relaxed attitude is fostered by subtle color and well-worn materials. Greenery and fresh flowers add just the right note of festivity against the backdrop of white tones and pale wood.

    • Gentle Colors

      A subtle color palette juxtaposes greenery, silver, and snow-white accents with the deeper tones of an antique cherub. Oversize wool stockings soften the white mantelpiece.

      Editor's Tip: Incorporate living plants, flowers, and garden accents in holiday decorating for a fresh look.

    • Real or Reusable?

      If you haven't looked at the options in artificial trees recently, you might be surprised by the quality and breadth of styles available. Plus, permanent trees can be used repeatedly, avoid allergy issues, and are sturdy enough to showcase lots of heavy ornaments.

    • Winter Accents

      Faux snowdrifts fill goblets and all manner of glass containers, providing resting spots for natural pinecones. Add cut greenery and silvery candlesticks to complete the winter-wonderland effect.

    • Embellished Packages

      Beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree are part of the decorations until the moment they are opened. Select wrapping papers with your color scheme in mind for maximum impact. Sprigs of greenery add an elegant but inexpensive touch.

    • A Fresh Look

      Fill a basket with hydrangea blossoms for a charming vignette in a forgotten corner. Such unexpected details surprise and delight the eye.

    • Tranquil Living Room

      Lack of strong color helps create a peaceful oasis during the busy holiday season. A trace of greenery, plus white flowers, complement the pale tones in this living room.

      Editor's Tip: Refresh an old chair with a fitted slipcover or a pillow in a complementary fabric.

    • Pots of Paperwhites

      Topiaries and pots of blooming paperwhite narcissus enliven a sofa table created from a thrift-shop find. Cut evergreens drape from the mantel and fill empty space between the pots.

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      Fragrant Additions

      Fresh white flowers and natural greenery enhance a collection of white pottery. They also lighten the dark sideboard hutch and invigorate the room with their fragrances.

      Editor's Tip: Rethink your collections. Rather than splurging on new decor for a fresh scene, work with what you have. Showcase your traditional pieces in different settings and combinations.

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      Natural Accents

      When using natural greenery decorations, add nut or acorn accents for variety. Windows sport nut garlands that add welcome contrast to white and green. Stockings made from vintage-look tea towels do the same.

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      Classic Centerpiece

      Arranging pillar candles -- along with sprigs of greenery, tiny vases of flowers, and glass ornaments -- is a simple way to create a serene tabletop.

      Editor's Tip: Candlelight adds elegance to any occasion. Keep all flames safely away from foliage and other flammable materials, and never place them beneath overhanging items.

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      Fine and Simple

      Sophisticated in its simplicity, an all-white room looks festive for the holidays. A small fir tree and wreaths hanging from favorite collectibles surround the multipurpose daybed.

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      Elegant Fragments

      Salvaged architectural fragments add character to this room where antiques are treasured. Dress them up with simple wreaths or swags of fresh-cut greenery.

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