10 Delicious Gingerbread Houses

Find a gingerbread house to fit your taste and skill level. Any one would make a perfect handmade holiday gift.

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    North Pole Workshop Gingerbread House

    This simple gingerbread house is great for the younger ones in a holiday crowd.

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    Technicolor Palace Gingerbread House

    Pick your favorite colorful candy and you're ready to go with this house.

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    Grandma's Thatched-Roof Gingerbread House

    Cereal, miniature marshmallows, and other candies let you make grandmother's house in snap.

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    Princess Cottage Gingerbread House

    Pink wafer cookies, jelly beans, gumdrops, and starlight mints make this princess house come to life.

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    Victorian Gingerbread House

    Use the following gingerbread houses as decorating inspiration for your festive and edible homes.

    This romantic Victorian gingerbread house is finely detailed and sure to impress everyone. Add details to suit your taste.

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    Noah's Gingerbread Ark

    This stunning scene is a work of art. Build the ark sturdily -- we wouldn't want to lose any of the animals!

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    Gingerbread Ranch House

    This suburban-style gingerbread ranch house is just the thing for fans of retro and easy living.

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    Georgian Gingerbread House

    This stately Georgian home features decorative piping.

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    Gingerbread Farmhouse

    Make this charming gingerbread farmhouse (featuring heavy bands of piping across the roof), complete with a gracious front porch.

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    Southwestern Gingerbread House

    Gingerbread cookie dough or your favorite shortbread would work well for this adobe home. Make window boxes with pretzel sticks and candies.

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    More Gingerbread Ideas

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