Gingerbread Houses

Create your very own gingerbread house for Christmas with our creative ideas. Begin with our 10 basic (and delicious!) gingerbread houses -- we have ideas for every taste and skill level. You can create fantastic gingerbread houses, including a North Pole workshop gingerbread house, a princess cottage gingerbread house, a Victorian-style gingerbread house, and a Noah's gingerbread ark -- the possibilities for a fun gingerbread house are endless! We have several different ideas for decorating flat gingerbread house shapes with frosting and colored candy. Just start with our easy-to-make recipe and let your creativity take over. For a sweet afternoon, invite a few friends over and create masterpieces from gingerbread! Use any leftover gingerbread dough to make a few gingerbread cookies -- use them in garlands, desserts, or even in the shapes of people to add to your gingerbread house vignette. Finally, for the more ambitious gingerbread house builder, we show you how to create a farmyard scene from gingerbread, plus other ingredients and decorative items, including a barn, silo, fence, hay bales, and farm animals.


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