Simple Christmas Food Gifts

A special homemade treat from your kitches, presented in a decorative container deepens the meaning of giving.

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Silly Snowmen
Silly Snowmen

    When it's a smile you're after, ice up a plate of these incognito snowmen.

Pink and White Candy Cane Cookies

    Drizzle these crisp chocolate cutouts with melted white chocolate, then sprinkled with chopped peppermint candies. Present them in a small red bucket that's pretty enough to display on a holiday table.

Papaya-Rum Chutney

    This is a great gift for grilling enthusiast, Papaya-Rum Chutney, adds wonderful spicy flavors to meats. Please a jar of the condiment in a metal container that will allow for easy transport. Tie on a wooden spoon with raffia and tuck in a few fresh chili peppers for a fun and festive look.

Cherry-Hazelnut Snowballs

    All decked out in sparkly cellophane and beaded wire, Cherry-Hazelnut Snowballs are a sweet indulgence for the holidays. The rich spread of cream cheese and butter rolled in coconut tastes terrific on shortbread cookies. To make the snowflake trims, but small pieces of the beaded wire and glue them together.

Coffee-Pecan Toffee

    Reach out to friends with old-fashioned chocolate-dipped Coffee-Pecan Toffee. Package the pieces in a cone-shaped paper container. Simply lay squares of parchment paper, textured gold paper, and wire mesh atop one another, then roll and twist into a cone. Tie the outside of the cone with ribbon and secure the candies inside with cellophane.

Festive Cheese Tortas

    Layered appetizers like Festive Cheese Tortas may look difficult, but our simple directions make this easy to prepare in less than an hour. Showcase each gift on a wooden cheese boards covered with a glass butter dish lid. Tie a ribbon around the gift and tuck in a sprig of holly and a cheese spreader.

Snowflake Treats

    Give a glittery snowflake-dusted box filled with treats in the same motif.

Minty Hot Cocoa Mix

    Add sweetness and warmth to a friend's wintry day with a nostalgic milk bottle filled with mint cocoa.

A Bag of Biscotti

    Slice your way to an easy, special gift with slice-and-bake cookies and a few well-placed slits in a paper bag.

A Box of Hugs and Kisses

    Tins of butter cookies have long been a cherished gift-giving tradition.

Movie-Night Delight

    With a bottle of zippy popcorn mix tucked inside a pretty napkin, you'll be the star.

Chock-Full-of-Chocolate Wreath

    A merry brownie wreath means happy holidays for chocolate lovers.

Almond-Butter Crunch Bucket

    As joyful as a day at the beach, and just as easy, this pretty hand-decorated pail overflows with mouthwatering candy.

Snack in a Sack

    A felt-trimmed shopping bag makes a clever pouch for something truly sweet and irresistible: homemade caramel corn.

Teatime Twist

    Get in on the chai craze and get your friends in on it too! Share the passion for chai tea by presenting the decoratively wrapped mix with a teapot or another teatime collectible.

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